2023/24 - Technology and Students - How you can help!

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year! Parents, Cathedral has always been a leader in the space of Educational Technology, and in that vein we are renewing our efforts this school year to make our tools work for our students and keep the education in front of the technology. There are some changes you may have heard of already:

  • Refreshed our Cell Phone policy to eliminate disruption in the classroom
  • Introduced Apple Classroom to create a dynamic, focused classroom with iPad usage
  • Modified our firewall to block our most disruptive social media and streaming platforms

We recognize the seriousness of the effects of screen-time for adolescents, as well as the difficulty for students to self-regulate their use of technology while being bombarded from the outside. And the reality is that, despite these efforts, students will continue to find ways around these limitations. That is why we need your help. Cathedral wants to work with parents to create an environment where students can focus and succeed in every one of their classrooms, and here are ways you can help:

  • Talk to your child about their iPad and what they use it for during the school day. 
  • At home, create “tech free” time.  Meals are a great opportunity to show your student how to be comfortable with being away from your phone.  
  • Create communication protocols during the day (we will only text about rides at lunch, etc.) 
  • Consider Setting up Parental Controls on your child’s iPad to restrict distractions, including Setting up Screen Time Limits

Our students are growing up in a world very different than the one where most of us attended high school. Along with all the wonderful opportunities that brings, it does bring a set of challenges that can only be addressed with parents and schools working together. Please, as always, let us know how Cathedral High School can help support your family.