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Posting Instructions for Teachers

1) Please include the room number for each of your classes in the "Notes to Substitute" section of your job.  If you are in multiple rooms, please include the number with the corresponding period letter.

2) ALWAYS INCLUDE THE LETTERS OF THE PERIODS YOUR SUB WILL BE COVERING IN THE "NOTES TO THE SUBSTITUTE" SECTION.  Bonus points if you add the corresponding times and Schedule day (Example Day 4 Schedule)

3) Keep a hard copy of your rosters on your desk.  This will help the subs who don't access ReadySub while at school.

4) Email your neighbor to unlock your classroom and to make sure your sub has arrived.   We have a very crazy schedule and it is possible for mix ups to happen.  If your neighbor notices you are without a sub, they can let me know right away in order to get someone in the classroom quickly.  

5) Please make sure you enter a separate "segment", including period start and end times,  for each of the periods you need a sub for that day. This is VERY IMPORTANT as this is how we are tracking accrual and this helps schedule the sub to cover multiple teachers when necessary. 

6) Please make sure you have Lisa Finn, Megan Schmidt and Pat Fagan as your favorites so the jobs go to them first before going to the pool.

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