Senior Parent Info

Information Update February 2019

Graduation materials: If you ordered graduation materials from the Herff Jones company and your child did not pick them up then they are in Mr. Kubuske's office where they can be obtained. If you still owe a payment then you should make that payment directly to the Herff Jones Company and the materials will be delivered to school.

Service Hours: Service hours (70) are to be completed before diploma can be issued. If you have any questions or concerns about service hours, they should be addressed immediately to Mrs. Shannon Fox or Mr. Kubuske. Senior hours are due on April 23rd.  Essays are due on April 24th. the service hours required are: 10 from freshman year, 15 each from sophomore year and 20 from the junior year and 25 from the senior year. Updates will be provided.

Prom and Graduation Meeting: If you need extra graduation tickets you need to let Mr. Kubuske know immediately. If you requested additional ticket(s) then you will be notified by May 3rd if you will receive all, none, or part of those requests. 

Graduation Practice: Practice will be held after exams on Monday, May 13, in the Welch Activity Center. Caps, gowns, one parking pass and graduation tickets are distributed at this time. A group picture will be taken. Practice will begin at 12:10 in the Auditorium.

Baccalaureate Mass: This is a mass held at 10 am on Saturday, May 18, in the Welch Activity Center. Everyone is invited to this liturgical celebration. Students are to arrive by 9 am wearing their caps and gowns. Young ladies wear light colored dresses; young men wear dress pants, dress shirt, tie, and dress shoes. All shoes are to be of dressy in nature. After the liturgy there is a reception in the cafeteria sponsored by the Mothers Club. The liturgy normally lasts about one and half hours

Graduation: Graduation is at 1 pm on Sunday, May 19, at the Old National Theater, Murat Theater. Doors open at noon. Students arrive at noon with caps and gowns. The attire is the same for graduation as for the baccalaureate mass. Everyone except the graduate needs a ticket. Each student will be issued six tickets to distribute. There are very few extra tickets. Parents requesting extra tickets will be placed in a lottery system with one ticket being given if possible to those who have requested extra tickets. Seating is first-come, first-served. Handicap seating is available, Graduation normally lasts a little short of two hours and will be streamed live.

Parking Each family will be issued one parking pass for the theatre lot. The pass must be shown to access the lot.

Diploma: Diplomas are issued only to those who have completed all requirements for graduation and have met all financial obligations as well as all other school responsibilities including service hours.

Caps and Gowns: After the graduation ceremony, students must turn in their graduation gowns to receive their diplomas. If a student has an outstanding bill for any issue, the diploma will be held. Students may keep their caps and tassels.

Upcoming Events:

Senior Mass, May 2 at 10:25 AM

Senior Exams: May 13-16