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Children's Play

CHILDREN'S PLAY 2019 Cast of Charlotte's Web

If you don't see your name on either cast list, please contact Mr. Zaveleta, great care was taken to include everyone who auditioned.

Wilbur - Aiden Betts

Charlotte - Natalie Rypel

Templeton - Ethan Martin

Fern - Katie Timble 

Mr. Arable - Will Browning 

Mrs. Arable - Kayla Brooks

Avery - Jessie Quadrini 

Mr. Zuckerman - Sir Jonathan Thompson 

Mrs. Zuckerman - Danielle Levingston

Lurvey - Claire Hunter 

Goose - Yinny Lim

Gander - Elliot Rodgers

Sheep - Alexa Gaines

Lamb - Maitlyn Vastag

First Member - Kat Griffith

Second Member - Caroline Ward

Third Member - Clare Miller

Reporter - Brendan Jay

Photographer - Colin Chandler 

Announcer - Pat Downey

Uncle - Mikey Boyle


Spiders -Rachel Claire Henry, Lindsey Huntzinger ,Margaret Hasch

Spectators/Chorus/Judges/Fairgoers  - Claudia Lowe, Alana Reckley, Kayla Morrell, Sandra Granados, Yinny Lim, Elliot Rodgers Alexa Gaines, Maitlyn Vastag, Rachel Claire Henry, Lindsey Huntzinger ,Margaret Hasch

Charlotte's Web
Directed by Ashley Lay & Jack Lindner