2020/2021 Season

Cathedral Theatre Cast List for…

By: Randy Wyatt
Based on the novel by Lewis Carroll

Ellie Moores

White Rabbit:  
Aidan Betts

Karsyn Kramer

Maddie Elson

 Caroline Ward

Catepillar Attendants: 
Maitlyn Vastag
Whitley Walton

Antonio Arroyo

Ashelyn Lucas

Ali Gregor

Maya Marshalleck

Cheshire Cat: 
Julia Hurley (Mouth)
Scout Andersen (Eye)
Carrie Dobrota (Eye)

March Hare: 
Ethan Martin

Mad Hatter:  
Joseph Mariani

 Lilly Cadwell

Jessie Quadrini

Ellie Sagebiel

Caoimhe Knutson

Queen of Hearts:  
Brooklynn Thorpe

King of Hearts: 
Sir Jonathan Thompson

Colin Chandler

Karsyn Kramer
Sandra Granados
Madi Keller
Olivia Griffith
Lindsey Huntzinger

Olivia Griffith
Lindsey Huntzinger
Ashelyn Lucas
Antonio Arroyo

Soldiers &
Queen’s Attendants:  
Sandra Granados
Whitley Walton
Maitlyn Vastag
Madi Keller
Karsyn Kramer
Sandra Granados
Maddie Elson

Sam Allee


Understudy List:

Alice: Jessie Quadrini

White Rabbit: Ashelyn Lucas

Duchess:  Ellie Sagebiel

Nanny: Maddie Elson

Cheshire Cat (voice): Olivia Griffith

Mad Hatter: Scout Andersen

March Hare: Charles Haas

Queen of Hearts: Caoimhe Knutson

King of Hearts: Colin Chandler

Knave/Executioner: Lindsey Huntzinger


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HADES: A Retelling of the Persephone Myth
By: Nelly E. Cuellar-Garcia

 Photo Credit: Joellen Desautels


Hades: A Retelling Of The Persephone Myth

By: Ella Bundy

The people of Ancient Greece created a very complicated mythology in order to explain the things they didn’t understand; things like the rage of the sea, the sunrise and sunset, why olives were so common in the area, where you go after death, the winds, lightning (sky fire) and so on.

Many things were explained simply. The seas were angry because they were ruled by the fierce, emotional god Poseidon. The sun rose and set due to the god Apollo carrying it across the sky in his chariot, and the goddess Athena once planted an olive tree by touching her spear to the earth in a challenge of importance against the god Poseidon. However, some things were not as easy to explain, and therefore, came with longer explanations and more complicated myths and characters. 

One such event was the changing of the seasons. 

Why did the temperature change and the sun stop moving as high in the sky? Why were there times when crops refused to grow and animals hid? To understand this tale, the tale of Hades and Persephone, one of the original love stories of the Greeks, you must first understand the characters and background of the story.

Background: The Greeks believed that in the beginning, there was nothing but pure chaos, and then one day came forth the original goddess Gaia, the earth. She gave birth to Uranus, the starry sky, and together they got married and had many children, the most important of which were known as the Titans.

There were twelve Titans in all, but only two are necessary to understand this tale. There was Cronos, the strongest of the Titans, and his sister and wife Rhea. Cronos was power-hungry, and so he destroyed his father and siblings (besides Rhea). Gaia, his mother, hid down in the depths of herself as Cronos claimed to be Titan of the entire universe. Cronos feared a prophecy that one of his children would one day overthrow him, and so each time Rhea had a child, she was expected to feed it to him. One day after giving birth to her sixth child, Zeus, she hid him away and fed Cronos a rock swaddled in a blanket.

It was when Zeus was older that he came back, destroyed his father, and saved his siblings. Together they were the original six gods and goddesses. There was Zeus, god of the sky and the ruler of the gods; Poseidon, god of the seas; Hades, god of the underworld and riches of the earth; Hestia who was the first child of Cronos, and who is goddess of the hearth and of home; Hera, goddess of women and marriage; and finally Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. 

Over time, many new deities came to be, such as Aphrodite, the goddess of love; Athena, goddess of wisdom, Hermes, the messenger god, and so on. Persephone was the daughter of Demeter and Zeus, though she is mostly only recognized as Demeter’s daughter.

Synopsis: When the Hades, god of the underworld, falls in love with the Persephone,  goddess of spring, he is told by her mother that she will never be his. In a fit of anger, the god kidnaps his young bride and holds her hostage in the pits of the underworld. The young woman’s mother’s wrath causes the first winter to spread across the land, killing everything through droughts and famine. However, when the situation is confronted, it is found that the maiden has fallen for the god of death, and so a compromise has to be reached. 


   Hades: Hades is the god of the underworld and riches of the earth (minerals, jewels, and so on). He is one of the original gods, and falls in love with sweet Persephone, which leads him to kidnap her.

   Demeter: Demeter is the mother of Persephone and one of the first goddesses. Her rage about the kidnapping of her daughter is the explanation Greeks had for the seasons, because her anger would stop things from growing.

   Zeus: As the father of Persephone, ruler of the gods, and god of the sky, Zeus was one of the most important figures in his time. However, he also would rather avoid conflict, instead of dealing with it head-on. 

   Persephone: Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter and the wife of Hades. She was known as the goddess of spring, and was a fair, young maiden when she was kidnapped and dragged to the underworld by Hades.

   Charon: Charon was the ferryman of Hades who helped souls cross the river Styx which ran through the underworld; a river that could prove itself to be more deadly than any others. He had to be paid to help souls cross over however, and so the Greeks typically buried their dead with coins over their eyes or held in their mouths.

   Clytemnestra: Clytemnestra, the wife of Agamemnon, had been angry with her husband throughout the Trojan War because he lured their daughter, Iphigenia, down to the seashore to sacrifice her for fair winds. When he finally returned ten years later, she stabbed him to death as revenge for Iphigenia.

   Agamemnon: Agamemnon was the king of Mycenae and leader of the Greek army in the Trojan War of Homer's Illiad. He is a great warrior but selfish ruler, infamously upsetting his invincible champion Achilles and prolonging the suffering of his men.

   Menelaus: Menelaus was married to Helen of Troy and was a central figure in the Trojan War, leading the Spartan contingent of the Greek army, under his elder brother Agamemnon, king of Mycenae.

   Achilles: Achilles was the greatest hero in Greek history and was said to be invincible, except for the heel of his foot, where his mother had held him while dipping him into the river Styx. He fought in the Trojan War and was known mostly for his courage and strength.

   Helen: Helen, the wife of Menelaus, was kidnapped by Paris, a Trojan Prince, who took her to Troy. Upon discovering what had happened to his wife, Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon amassed their troops and sailed to Troy to retrieve her. The result was the Trojan War.

   Cassandra: Cassandra was a beautiful prophetess cursed to never be believed. When the sun god Apollo fell in love with her, he offered her a gift for her to do him a few favors. She had accepted the offer and taken the gift, only to turn her back on him and not help him. As a punishment, even though she technically broke no rules, Apollo cursed her to have important visions of the future, and for no one to believe her.

   Hermès: The messenger god Hermes was god of sleep, travel, thieves, trade, wealth, and luck. He invented many things such as the lyre and is the son Zeus and Maia (a nymph). Hermes is known to be a trickster but has proved himself worthy of being a god by helping many heroes in their quests, such as Odysseus. 

   The Ensemble of the Dead: The Ensemble of the Dead is made of many of the moaning dead people in the underworld, known for being tortured souls and beggars. The ensemble is made up of normal people and legendary characters such as Cassandra and Helen of Troy. 



Cathedral Theatre 


Cast List 

Agamemnon: Antonio Arroyo

Menelaus: Claudia Lowe

Achilles: Colin Chandler

Charon: Katie Timble

Clytemnestra: Jordan Peter

Helen: Karsyn Kramer

Cassandra: Allison Pea

Hades: Sir Jonathan Thompson

Persephone: Whitley Walton

Hermes: Ethan Martin

Ensemble of the Dead:

Maitlyn Vastag

Sam Allee

Monica DeSanto

Ashelyn Lucas

Olivia Griffith

Caroline Dobrota

Scout Andersen

Joseph Mariani

Madeline Elson

Sandra Granados

Charles Haas

Brooklynn Thorpe

Lindsey Huntzinger

Aidan Betts

Allison Haug

Jessica Quadrini

Captain: Claire Miller

Movement Captain: Caroline Ward

Rookie Showcase 2020 

Cast Lists


by Jonathan Dorf

Directed by: Caroline Ward and Brooklynn Thorpe


second - Anna Saul

first - Aubrey McDonald



By Lindsay Price 

Directed by: Sir Jonathan Thompson 


Martine - Julia Hurley

Alexa - Joan Darnell



By Doug Grissom

Directed by: Tom Kress and Claudia Lowe


Man - Scout Andersen

Voice - Page Boyle


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