The Freshman Transition


Students learning in the clasroom

June 4 & 5: Technology On-Boarding

  • All students are asked to sign up for one 2 hour on-boarding session (link to come)
  • iPads required (iCloud passwords and passcodes needed as well)
  • Summer school Bridges & health students must sign up for a June 4th Session
  • Summer Gym students should sign up for the 5th.

June 4 - 27 Summer School

August 1: Technology On-Boarding

  • For transfer students and any freshmen who missed the June sessions

August 3: Lughnasa Freshmen Orientation

August 7: Technology Orientation

  • Starting at normal school start time (7:50a) students will be orientated to classroom technology needs like schoology, powerschool, google docs, and more!

August 8: The First Day of High School

  • School day begins at 7:50
  • Students will report to their county rooms to start
  • Lunch is a flat $5 charged to their mealtime account
  • Students will visit all of their classes

August 9: The 2nd Day of School

  • We will be on an all classes meet schedule so students can have academic time with all of their new teachers

August 12 - 16: Welcome Week

  • Freshmen students will be officially welcomed by their classmates and their school.
  • Freshmen will have special privileges this week
  • Freshmen will meet as a class in the WAC on Monday & Tuesday to learn more about school traditions, policies, and more.
  • Wednesday is their first county meeting
  • Thursday is their first all school mass
  • Friday the week and day culminates with the “Welcome Week Assembly”