Schoology Tips & Tricks

Saving a Schoology Test/Quiz as a PDF:
Within the Chrome browser:
1. Locate your final exam in Schoology and click on it. 
2. From here you should see several tabs, including a tab called "Preview". 
3. Click on this tab and then choose "Start a new attempt". Here you will see all the questions and answer options for your exam.
4. What you'll then want to do is print this page. You can use the keyboard shortcuts (command + p for mac or control + p for windows) or you can go to File > Print. The print dialogue box should then appear.
5. Mac users: You should see a link that says "Open PDF in preview", which you'll click and then the preview should appear. From there, go to File > Save > and then choose your location. 
5. Windows users: Change the destination from the regular printer you use to "Save as PDF". You should then get the option to save it on your computer.
6. Once you've saved the PDF to your computer, you are able to upload it to the Google Drive as you would any other file type. 


Accessing Archived Classes:


1. Through the web browser, go to

2. Click on "Courses"

3. Click on "See All"


4. Choose the "Archived" tab



Saving Course to Resources (for teachers):