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Schoology is Cathedral's chosen Learning Management System (LMS). The Schoology platform allows teachers and students to interact digitally with assignments, discussions boards, quizzes, digital portfolios, tests, and more. Class materials are all posted in one central location within each Schoology course. Schoology intentionally has a similar feel to many popular social media sites which helps our students navigate through it with ease. At Cathedral, Schoology is integrated with Powerschool to provide the most up-to-date grades and attendance for teachers, students, and parents.

How to log into Schoology (Faculty and Students):

Using a web browser, such as Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox (on an iPad or computer):

  • The easiest way to log into Schoology will be to log into your Cathedral email (, then open a new tab in your browser and go to 


Using the Schoology iOS app:

  • Open the Schoology app and choose "Login through your school"
  • Type "Cathedral High School" 
  • Select "Cathedral High School Indianapolis, IN 46226" from the popup menu
  • Enter your Cathedral gmail credentials
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Schoology Access for Parents:

 If you would like to create a parent account to view your child's courses, click here for step by step instructions. For more information on what a parent account can do in Schoology, click here.


For questions about Schoology, you can contact  Dustin Withrow 317-968-7375