New Families

Welcome to Cathedral's Technology Support. We are looking forward to setting up your child's iPad during our Onboarding days.  All new students for the 2019-2020 school year (including transfer students) are required to go through iPad Onboarding and the Technology Orientation.  If your child is taking a summer school class, everything will be set up on the first or second day of classes. If your child is not taking summer school, the Onboarding date is August 1st.  Students are required to have an iPad for school and they must bring their iPad to both Onboarding and Technology Orientation day. For new students, we recommend an iPad 128GB but require at least an iPad 32GB or newer.

*iPad Mini's are not accepted because they will not work for online state testing.*


During the Onboarding process, your child's iPads will be set-up by the Technology Department for use with school accounts and profiles they will need throughout the year. For Onboarding times and dates, as well as more detailed information, please click here.

*** All students that ordered iPads through Cathedral will pickup their iPad on their scheduled Onboarding day.

Technology Orientation Day- August 7th 2019

Technology Orientation day will get your child familiar with the accounts they received during Onboarding. There will be training on using Google, iPad best practices, digital citizenship, Notability, and time management tips. For detailed information on Technology Orientation day, please click here.

For any questions, you can contact Mr. Brian Haselby at .