FileWave Installation

  1. Use the following link on your iPad to obtain the new FileWave profile -

  2. Once at the page click on step 1 to enroll your iPad.

  3. You will be prompted for your Cathedral network username and password.

Similar to your Powerschool or Wifi username and password.  Not your email account.

  1. Once you have entered your correct username and password press the Log in.

  2. Your iPad will now install the FileWave Profile

  3. This may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection.

  4. FileWave OTA Enrollment will appear. Click the Install in the top right corner of the window.

  5. Approve the install by pressing Install

  6. On the Next window (Warning) press Install

  7. Approve the install by pressing Trust

  8. Once Profile Installed shows press Done

  9. FileWave will immediately begin downloading and install apps to your iPad.

  10. You will see apps like App Portal and Printing. You have finished the installation.  

  11. You will be prompted by FileWave to have your apps Managed please click Manage.

Printing App

When you see the Printing App, check the box “Remember Me” and enter your network username and password.  This can only be done while on Cathedral’s wireless network

  • You will see many window popups asking to Manage/Cancel - Press Manage for every popup.

  • You will be asked to enter Apple ID, use your Apple ID password to allow apps to be installed on your iPad

  • You will be prompted to enter in your Cathedral email password, please do so.