The Cathedral High School Orchestra is a challenging and fun program, designed to enhance each student’s understanding of and appreciation for different types of music. No matter what level a student is at, the Orchestra offers students the opportunity to learn, improve, and excel. 

steve goodman and the orchestra

“The Cathedral Orchestra is great because it fosters a feeling of family, which allows its performers to work together in a tight-knit fashion and makes playing music fun... (We) go beyond the prerequisets for greatness by creating a community where the bonds made while playing music continue to have meaning outside of the classroom and outside of the performance halls.”  … Alex Rohe, violin, Class of 2013

The Orchestra Director, Mr. Steve Goodman, came to Cathedral in the fall of 2010.   To accomplish our goal of growing in size and quality, Mr. Goodman provides unique opportunities to the students, including taking them to the International Violin Competition every four years, and even bringing in a finalist from the competition to teach a master-class. 

“The International Violin Competition inspired me to practice more”   … John Garvey, violin, Class of 2014 

The CHS Orchestra is always looking for new members.  For more information about joining, contact Steve Goodman, sgoodman@gocathedral.com

Steve Goodman, Conductor