Food Services



Cathedral High School has partnered with Flik Independent School Dining using MM-Hayes to improve the experience for students and parents with more flexibility and transparency on food purchases and payment options. 

Parents and students should use a new app called "QuickCharge" from MM Hayes.    

The following changes will occur on transitioning from MyMealtime to QuickCharge:

  • Online deposits into a student's account will no longer have 4.9% fee charged.
  • Students can continue to pay using their Student ID card, which will draw from QuickCharge
  • Other payments methods accepted at the register:
    • Student ID card (QuickCharge)
    • Cash
    • Visa/Mastercard
    • ApplePay

QuickCharge app instructions   

To download the My Quickcharge mobile app, click on Android or Apple, or search for “My QuickCharge” from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.  To obtain the student ID number, you should have received an email from Cathedral that provided the instructions.  

To set up your account, you’ll need the following information and follow these instructions:

Access Code: School186 (only needed using the mobile app – Step 1)
Account Creation Access Code: A4E7C3B1 – Step 3
School Code: 110  - Step 5
Student ID number – (Student Number/Powerschool ID number) Step 5

***Student ID number is obtained from Powerschool.  It is not the number on the back of student ID cards.***

Once you created an account and added your child, you can add additional children to your account as shown in Step #6.

Frequently ask Questions

Q - My child graduated.  How do I get my balanced returned?
A - Cathedral will send a refund check to the child's home for the remaining account balanced owed. 

Q - Do students need the QuickCharge App?
A - We do recommend students download the QuickCharge App.  

Q - Will there be a location to drop off deposits into a students account?
A - Deposits can be made in person at any cashier station operator during cafeteria hours. There will not be a dropbox location for deposits.  

Q - Can the Business department help me with my new QuickCharge account?
A - For any assistance on QuickCharge account creation, balances, or food services questions, please contact Flik directly at for any questions. 

Q - Who do I call about technical questions or about creating my QuickCharge account?
A - Please call 1-800-348-5545  for questions relating to the QuickCharge app account. 

Q - Where can I get my child's student ID number (same as the Powerschool number)
A - Please email Brian Haselby, the Director of Technology, The student ID number can also be located in your Powerschool parent account. 

All students are welcome to bring a lunch with them, or they can purchase lunch each day from the school cafeteria. With this program, students will use barcodes printed on ID badges, and it allows parents the option to deposit money into a student's account to be used for lunch purchases .

Cathedral also provides free lunches for those in need of assistance. If you are interested in seeing if you qualify click here.