Lunch Program

Cathedral High School is pleased to be able to provide a nutritious school lunch program to all of her students and adults. This year, FLIK Food Management Services, LLC will be providing our school lunch program, as well as the many some catering needs to Cathedral organizations. Please feel free to direct any comments and questions about the lunch program to

All students are welcome to bring a lunch with them, or they can purchase lunch each day from the school cafeteria. In addition to being able to pay for lunch with cash, students can use With this program, students will use barcodes printed on ID badges, and it allows parents the option to deposit money into a student's account to be used for lunch purchases.

All students at Cathedral High School automatically have a Mealtime school lunch account. A third option for payment, if you choose, is to have money deposited at school or online for access during lunch periods. Checks or cash for deposit may be dropped off in the main office (by 9:00am.) Deposits may not be made with cashiers at lunchtime. If paying by check do not include lunch fees with other fees on one check. Only checks for the amount you wish to be deposited into the lunch account should be written.

Parents can track purchases made with account funds or deposit money online by setting up a user name and password at There is no charge to access your student's account. If you choose to deposit money online, the site will charge a 4.9% user fee. 

In an effort to speed up meal service and offer privacy and convenience, students may opt to use the ID card barcode to identify themselves and use deposited funds for meal purchases. This system offers complete privacy and use of the device is 100% optional.

For information about the meal service system, visit

Cathedral also provides free lunches for those in need of assistance. If you are interested in seeing if you qualify click here.