Dress Code

The Standard is professional business.  Speech and Debate traditionally has the look of attorneys going to court.  It is out of respect for the competition and our own work that we maintain this standard


We require our gentlemen to wear jackets and ties, preferably suits.  Yes you must wear a belt and socks.  There is a saying "Guys in ties bring home the prize."


We require our young ladies to wear either very dark dress slacks and coordinating jackets or suits.  If a suit is selected with a skirt, the skirt hem must not be more than 2 inches above the knee.  All jackets are worn with a blouse.  Dressing professionally is not dressing for a party.  Please remember "Girls who dress with respect get respected."


Please keep it off your eyebrows and out of your face.  If a judge can not see your facial gestures you can be marked off.

Where can you find a suit and dress attire?

Consignment stores, Goodwill, thrift stores, ask family member who now dress business casual and of course there are many retail stores.

Clothes must be tailored and clean.

Please make sure your competition clothes fit.  They need to be pressed and clean.