COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Camp Cathedral is committed to providing a safe and clean environment for campers this summer. Cathedral is following state and local health guidelines as well as enhancing our cleaning services. Camp space will be cleaned daily as well as during camp if needed.

Campers will be required to have a mask with them at all times. If campers are outside or socially distanced, camp counselors may give campers the option to remove their mask. 

We ask that all campers self-screen for COVID-19 related symptoms before coming to camp. If campers are experiencing a high fever or other symptoms, please consider staying home from camp until symptoms are no longer present.

Drop-Off Procedures
Upon entering the campus from 56th Street and driving up the hill camper families will be welcomed by signs that direct them to their specific camps. Parents are asked not to exit their vehicle or enter any building. A camp counselor will meet you at your car and escort the camper to their camp.

 - Campus map with drop-off locations
 - More drop-off/pick-up information can be found on the Camp Procedures page.

Safety Plans include:

  • Social distance parking and staffers with masks will make sure all are symptom free before they get out. 
  • 2 Hand sanitizers stations at each main door entrances
  • Opening the windows in classrooms to increase ventilation
  • Increased signage to wear masks and to wash your hands often
  • Cleaning supplies in each room (OSHA Compliant) with instructions
  • Training set for cleaning instructions with staffers
  • Face masks for rotations and when working closely with campers
  • Cathedral has 500 disposable face masks if a camper forgets or loses their masks
  • No sharing of face masks
  • Nurses in the building during camp hours
  • A safe walk path will be created and labeled from the theatre to the cafeteria in route to the nurse
  • Construction workers and campers will not cross paths
  • A few outdoor art spaces will be created for increased ventilation
  • Camp staffers will use separate bathrooms apart from campers
  • Frequent hand washing reminders
  • Frequent hand sanitizer visits - will do upon arrival and leaving
  • Lego kits and art kits for each camper will be used so that they are not using shared pieces 
  • Drinking fountains will be covered up and only refillable used (Thanks Carl and team)
  • Campers will bring their own labeled water bottles and food

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