If I don’t wish to register online, how can I register my child for Camp Cathedral?

There are a couple of options for registering your child other than using our online registration method. You can download the registration form, complete it, and mail it with your payment. If you are unable to download the registration form, please contact the Director of Summer Programs at 317-968-7413 and a hard copy of the form will be mailed to you.

What if I can't remember my username or password for online registration?

Contact the Director of Summer Programs with your request for your username and/or your password. An email will be sent to you with information for logging into the system.

What if my address or personal information has changes since last year?

If you used our online registration last year, once you log in, you can update your address or personal information as well as that of your camper(s). If you registered by mailing in a registration form, email the Director of Summer Programs at aernst@gocathedral.com with the changes.

What should my child wear to camp?

There is no set dress code for camp, but please keep in mind the nature of the camp that your child is registered for. We discourage wearing sandals or flip-flops unless instructed to do so. Please dress the camper in weather-appropriate clothing, especially for camps that spend a great deal of time outdoors or off site.  If your child is involved in an Adventure Camp, Swim Camp, or Target Master Camp there may be a need for you to pack different clothing for a specific day's activities.  Information will be distributed specifically for those camps.

I registered more than one camper for an athletic camp online which advertised a discount for multiple family members, but did not receive the discount.  How can I receive the discount?

Contact the Director of Summer Programs and the amount of the discount will be refunded back to your credit card immediately. A confirmation email will be sent indicating that you have received the appropriate discount.

When looking at camp ages, do I consider my child to be the grade they've just completed or the grade they're going into next school year?

We set our camp ages according to the grade that the child will be entering in the next school year. For example, if your child will be a 4th grader in the fall of 2019 you will register them in 4th grade.

Is there a lunch option if my child is signed up for a morning and afternoon camp?

Camp Cathedral does provide supervision of a Lunch Hour in the Student Life Center.  Campers must bring their own lunches and drinks from home.  Refrigeration will be made available for campers who choose to bring lunches and drinks from home. For more information on the "Lunch Bunch" please visit the Camp Procedures webpage.