Please open, print and sign a paper copy of the following forms and turn them in at the Band Picnic.

2018 Band Camp Information Form: Complete this form to declare your intent to attend band camp and agree to abide by the code of conduct and rules of camp. 

2018-19 Medical Form : Medical information and consent for the entire school year. To be completed by all students and include a photo copy of *BOTH SIDES* of the student's insurance card!

2018-19 Travel Agreement : Parent/guardian and student agreement to Pride of the Irish travel rules. To be completed by all students and their guardians.

2018-19 Liability Release : This form must be notarized! Release of liability required by Cathedral for all students traveling to Band Camp, games or other school sanctioned trips.

2018 Band Camp Optional Electronic Forms

The following *optional* eForm is filled out online. If you prefer to hand in paper copies of these forms, print the form and fill it out manually if you prefer:

Band Camp Roommate Request *optional*

You must complete this form on or before the band picnic to submit a request for a specific roommate. The Camp Director will make every effort to fulfill the preferences submitted in these forms or match roommates even if they don't submit a form. All on a best effort basis!