Band Fees

Schedule of Fees

The following is the schedule of fees for the 2014-2015 school year.  These fees are subject to change at any time.





Band Camp




Instrument Rental




Startup Fee




"Mini Trip" fee



Cost is approximate. Preferably due by July 13 at band picnic, but OK to pay by Monday, September 15th

Rookie Startup



Includes shoes, sweatshirt, band camp T-shirt and pep band shirt


Accessories: upper classmen only need these if you have outgrown or lost your old items. Incoming freshmen will be required to purchase each of these.







Pep Band Shirt






May also be purchased for parents/family


Escrow Accounts

What is a band escrow account? An individual escrow account is created for each band student.  This account acts much like a medical savings account or healthcare spending account.  Money is deposited into the account throughout the student’s tenure in the CHS band.  This money can be used to pay for specific band expenses.

What money is deposited into the escrow account? Escrow money can come from several sources:

1.      Cash deposits made by the student or the student’s parents.  These deposits may be made at any time.

2.       Profits from band fundraising events (e.g., Beef House Rolls).

3.       Profit-sharing from band fundraising events (e.g., Band Bingo).

4.       Earnings from working at the band concession stand at Lucas Oil Stadium.

What expenses can be paid from the escrow account? The only expenses that can be paid from the escrow account are bona fide Cathedral High School Band expenses.   The band escrow account may not be used to pay any other expenses, even if they are CHS related.  Acceptable expenses are:

1.       Band start-up fees.

2.       Band camp fees.

3.       Band trip fees.

4.       Band instrument rental fees.

5.       Band “wear” (e.g., t-shirts, pep band shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shoes).

6.       Solo and Ensemble fees

7.       Tux shirt and accessories (optional)

What happens to the band escrow account when the student graduates or otherwise leaves band? At the end of the student’s tenure in the CHS band, if a balance is still owed to CHS, it must be paid. If there is a remaining balance due to the student, it is either transferred to a sibling’s escrow account or transferred to the general band fund. No balances remaining in escrow accounts will be refunded to any student. Therefore, it is extremely important that parents actively manage the balance in the student’s escrow account.

Do all students receive profit shares from fundraising events? The student will only receive profits from the Beef House Rolls fundraiser if the student sells the products.  The student will only receive payments from concession stand work if the student, or the student’s parents, work at the concession stand.  Band Bingo profits are distributed to students returning to band the next school year (e.g., seniors do not receive Band Bingo profits, students leaving band do not receive Band Bingo profits).

When are items posted to the band escrow account? Items are posted to the band escrow account when the money is actually received.  For example, it typically takes up to 4 weeks for CHS to receive the check from concession stand work.  The amounts due to each account will be posted when the concession income is received.

How do students or parents make payments to the escrow account? Payments should be made by check or money order payable to “Cathedral High School”.  Payment via credit cards is not available at this time.  Payments can be delivered to Mrs. McCullough in the band office or mailed to the band booster treasurer.

What is done if the parent has difficulty paying the band fees? No one is turned away from the Cathedral High School “Pride of the Irish” Band for financial reasons.  We will work with you to devise a payment plan that fits your financial situation.  Please contact either Mrs. McCullough or the band booster treasurer to arrange a payment plan.

How do parents obtain their band escrow account statement and who is available to answer questions about the band escrow account?

Parents should contact the band booster treasurer with any questions about the band escrow account or to obtain band escrow account balances and statements.  The band booster treasurer is Susan Stapleton who can be contacted via email at

Instrument Rental Fees (if applicable)

  1. Guard:  No fee.
  2. Percussion:  A $25 fee will be collected at the percussion “mini-camps” during each July.  This fee will cover all percussion instruments and includes 2 pairs of drum sticks each year.
  3. All students checking out a Cathedral-owned wind instrument will pay a $50.00 fee for the summer and school year. All “normal wear and tear” repairs for damages will be covered up to a total of $50.00 per instrument for the school year. Any repair bills that exceed the $50.00 limit will be charged to the student/parent. French horn players receive a mellophone for marching band at no extra cost. The same applies to euphoniums/marching baritones, flugelhorns/trumpets, and tubas/sousaphones. This fee will be collected each year when the student picks up his/her CHS instrument, but it is reduced to $25.00 after the rookie year.