Gift of Stock

You can make a gift of stock to Cathedral High School. Below is information about the three primary ways of making a gift of stocks/securities to Cathedral:

  • Appreciated Stock: By making a gift of appreciated stock (that you have owned for at least one year), Cathedral can avoid capital gains taxes while you can take the full market value of the stock as a charitable deduction on your federal taxes (up to 30% of your adjusted gross income).
  • Depreciated Stock: Typically it is to your advantage to sell depreciated stock and realize the loss as an allowable deduction on your federal taxes. You can then donate the cash proceeds, which becomes a charitable deduction.
  • Mutual Funds: Donating mutual fund shares can be done, but it is much more complex. Please contact us to discuss this option if you wish to consider it.

In all cases of making gifts of stock/securities, we encourage you to consult a tax professional to fully understand the tax implications.

Per IRS guidelines, stock gifts must be received in Cathedral's brokerage account by close of business (6 p.m. Eastern Time) on December 29, 2023, in order to qualify as a charitable donation this tax year. During the holidays, brokerage firms do not guarantee transfer in 2023 for requests made after certain dates. Please confirm 2023 transfer cut-off dates with your broker.

Stock Transfer Information

In order to make a transfer of stock to Cathedral High School, please have your stock representative make an electronic transfer to Stifel Financial using the following information:

Account Number: 1134-9459
DTC Number: #0793
Broker Name: Drew Gleaves
Broker Phone: (317) 808-7339

Please notify Melissa Owensby at Cathedral via email ( or phone (317.968.7373) with the anticipated date of transfer, the name of the stock(s) being transferred, and the estimated number of shares. This will help us match the gift of stock to you.

The value of the gift is determined by multiplying the number of shares by the average price for the stock on the day it enters Cathedral's account.