Student Raffle FAQ

Is there a family discount?


Cathedral recognizes that having multiple children participating in the student raffle at one time can potentially be difficult for a family. The following multi student discount has been instituted:
2 students - 40 tickets total
3 students - 50 tickets total
4+ students - 55 tickets total

What if we are unable to sell our tickets?

Please try and sell as many tickets as you can. Then if you are still unsuccessful, see Mr. Howard Fogel  or Mr. Nick Torres and they will attempt to assist students and provide them resources to sell additional tickets. If you choose to not participate in the student raffle then students will be required to participate in the Day of Philanthropy which will be held on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

Is there a buy-out option?

There is no product that can be sold, therefore the entire cost of the ticket will be used to help with our tuition assistance fund and/or our newly created philanthropy fund. Should you wish to not purchase raffle tickets and just contribute $250, this would qualify as a tax deductible contribution.

Why is there a philanthropy fund added to this year’s fundraiser?

The goal of the student raffle is to support the tuition assistance program which impacts more than 44% of Cathedral students AND to allow students to allocate a portion of each ticket to the student club/team/organization of their choice.

Can I buy raffle tickets with a card?

No. Indiana Gaming Laws do not allow raffle tickets to be purchased with a credit card. Cash or check are acceptable forms of payment.

Can students purchase raffle tickets?

No. Changes to Indiana Gaming Laws prohibit all students from purchasing a raffle ticket. This is a change from last year. Please do not allow Cathedral students to purchase raffle tickets.

Can I exchange tickets with my friends?


Student's should only sell and turn in the tickets that were assigned to them.   

What if I lost my tickets?

Any student who loses their tickets should contact Mr. Fogel or Mr. Torres as soon as possible to get new tickets reissued to them.

What if I want more tickets?

Great! Please email Mr. Fogel with the quantity you need and he will make arrangements during lunch. 

Do you have a question that isn't answered here?  Contact Howard Fogel (, Student Philanthropy Coordinator or Nick Torres (, Director of Philanthropy.