Preferred Vendors

The following caterers are supporters of Cathedral:

  • Menu
  • Please note: Flik is the in-house caterer for Cathedral (main campus) and has first right of refusal for events on campus. If Flik passes and another caterer is used they will not have access to the kitchen or refrigerator.
George's Neighborhood Grill (Jim George)
Mills Catering (Matt Mills)
Sahm’s (Shelby Sturtz)
  • Please note: Sahm’s is the exclusive caterer at Brunette Park and have the first right of refusal for events. If another caterer is used, they will not have access to the kitchen or refrigerator. 

Cathedral is a Coca-Cola branded school. To place an order for product to support your event (outside of a catering request) please contact the Event Office.

Alcoholic Beverages

Events wishing to have alcohol present on campus must receive approval from Cathedral's president. Additionally, appropriate permits must be filed and licensed servers will need to be hired. Please contact the Event Office for more information. Due to the sizable need of charitable donations to support of Cathedral's fundraising events, all solicitations regarding alcoholic beverages must run through the Event Office.