Cathedral Foundation

Cathedral High School established the Cathedral Foundation as part of the natural evolution of Cathedral's fundraising and endowment management activities. As Cathedral's endowment has grown, so too has the need to manage the funds skillfully, in a way that protects donors' intentions and is in full compliance with federal and state laws. 

All of the school's existing endowment funds have been transferred to the Foundation. From the donors' perspective, the only difference is the funds are held by the Foundation instead of the school. All funds will continue to be used as they are designated. As of December 31, 2020, the Foundation held about $15,000,000 of assets. Two different Indianapolis advisory firms manage those assets, closely monitored by the Foundation directors. 

Control of the Foundation rests with the Cathedral Board of Trustees, as the Board appoints the directors of the Cathedral High School Foundation. Those directors manage the Foundation and report to the Trustees. Members of Cathedral's former investment committee are the initial directors of the Foundation.

Donors should continue to make gifts to Cathedral High School. Gifts to the Cathedral High School Endowment will be transferred to the Foundation.  Please see a full list of FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Questions may be directed to Nicole (Farrell) Beasley '98 at


Cathedral Foundation FAQs