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Do you want to be one of our All Out Irish Day Ambassadors?

Purpose:  Passionate alumni, friends and employees, the Ambassadors will help promote the All Out Irish Day within their peer audiences and encourage others to make a gift on All Out Irish Day of Giving.

  • Roles: We need you to perform any or all of these roles during the promotion and during the day.
  • Social Media Influencers - promote All Out Irish Day of Giving on their personal social media accounts
  • Superstar All Out Irish - be examples of excited Irish who are engaged, giving and celebrating All Out Irish Day of Giving
  • Challenger/Matching Gift - give a gift to challenge a specific group - your classmates, current parents, an athletic team or club, etc.

Join us on Cathedral's social media pages throughout the day to celebrate our Irish roots, relive memories made on the hill and give back to the next generation of Irish! Cathedral students need your support - with over 40% of students receiving tuition assistance, the Cathedral Fund helps support the Irish family in many ways. All gifts from All Out Irish Day will go directly to ensure the Cathedral Fund is sustained so Cathedral High School is always ready to educate the hearts and minds of all who enter her doors.

For questions or if you are interested in volunteering that day, please contact Abbe Ernstes,