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What is unique about a Holy Cross education?
Part of the tradition of a Holy Cross education is educating both the hearts and minds. This is just one piece of what makes a Holy Cross education, to learn more about our core values please click for more information.


Community Service Callouts

Students and Parent if you haven't already read or watched the video regarding our 2020-2021 Service Requirements please do on the previous page Christian Service. Service will look a little different this year. Student may  volunteer at multiple agencies beginning this year. While we still encourage students to volunteer at a main agency so they can truly understand the working of a service agency and form relationships with not only those they are serving but those running the agency. Animal Shelters are allowed, volunteering for elderly and sick neighbors, community clean ups, shoveling and yard work for elderly neighbors or family, tutoring inperson or via online will be allowed. Answering any Cathedral Community Call Outs. Students you need to get creative this year. All hours must be recorded on the Mobileserve APP. It is the students responsibilities tmake sure their hours are getting approved by the agency they volunteered with. Direct all service questions to Mrs. Fox at 

Service Opportunities on Campus

More Opportunities to come when back on Campus, until then see individual postings! 

Thank you to all students that participated to our Card Project. There ran 7 different card projects and collected 25,415 cards! THese cards really made a differnce to many that have been isolated from family and friends during this pandemic. We've recieved phone calls and notes from seniors thanking us for making their day brighter! 

Thanksgiving Card Project Completed - 385 cards collected

Christmas Card Project Completed -  3,041 cards collected

Valentine's Day Card Project - 5,278 cards collected

St. Patrick Card Project Completed - 5,698 cards collected

Easter Card Project Completed - 1,964 cards collected

Birthday Card Project - 5,621cards to date collected

Thinking of You/Get Well Card Project - 3,428 cards to date collected


St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry & Warehouse urgently needs volunteers

The National Guard will end their temporary, six-month deployment at the end of September. We are so grateful to the National Guard who have filled a critical gap and provided the workforce needed to keep our Food Pantry open. We have seen dramatic drops in volunteers and cannot continue effectively without more help. SVdP is eager to welcome volunteers regularly to safely distribute food to our neighbors.

We have adapted our operations to prioritize the safety of volunteers and provide food to those in need while following public health guidelines. We need help packing food boxes, repackaging produce and meat, and loading boxes in cars. We can also use more volunteers at our Distribution Center sorting clothing donations. Won’t you please answer the call to help us love our neighbors during this unsettling time so no one goes hungry or without clothing or household goods? Sign up today:

Should you have any questions contact : Darlene Sweeney@          

ProAct Indy Volunteers NEEDED for Service Opportunities

Since 2010, ProAct has been helping urban youth build solid foundations based on relationships and service to help alleviate disparities in poverty and education. We had an innovative idea: empower youth. Give them the tools and mentorship they need to provide effective service to the community. In doing so, students gain confidence and build their abilities. Cathedral offers a Service Class with ProAct during Alpha Period educating students on issues in our community and globally. They have a GREAT website with multiple opportunities to get students engaged in volunteering aroud Indianapolis. Please check out the link below and consider signing up TODAY!!

ProAct Volunteer Sign Up

Mid-North Volunteers SignUp:

Midnorth Food Pantry want to let regular volunteers to know they do have a sign up. You must sign up on the following link to volunteer :                                   Location: 3333 N. Meridian Street  Indianapolis, IN 46208                                                                               Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays: 10 AM to 2 PM / Third Sunday of Every Month: 12:30 to 2 PM


Lord's Pantry at Anna's House

Link to Lord's Pantry Volunteer Page

** Recent Note From Julie & Leticia: CHS students have been signing up under Roncalli & Group spots! PLEASE be respectful and ONLY sign up for Cathedral Student Spots. You May ONLY take an empty Roncalli or Group spot after 6pm on the night before that Saturday.

Volunteers are welcome every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. to help distribute groceries. Tasks include helping to unload food, creating organized and beautiful displays of the food, helping our clients carry their groceries and distributing food. Volunteers as young as 5-years-old, when accompanied by an adult, are welcome. Please complete your volunteer registration form (above) and register to volunteer.

GREAT NEWS!!! Gleaners is Now RE-OPEN to volunteers!!

Link to Sign Up

Please note the age requirement for each sign up! They adhere closely to the age restriction. They have lowered so opportunities to the age of 13. Gleaners is a great agency to volunteer with as they do a great job educating volunteers to how and why they do what they do, and educate you what food insecurities are and cause of them. So think about volunteering soon!

UNITED WAY COVID- 19 Response Service Opportunities

United Way of Central Indiana is working closely with other community-based organizations to share their most immediate needs while dealing with the coronavirus while connecting volunteers to safe opportunities in their communities. Several opportunities for students and families! 




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THANK YOU to the 50 some Cathedral students that ran Representing Cathedral Irish Supporting St. Vincent de Paul this past weekend.  Funds raised help support our homeless neighbors, food pantry and other critical programs at St. Vincent de Paul Indy