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2019 Fall Mission Trip

2019 Fall Mission Trip
Mexico & Panama City Beaches, Florida Panhandle

October 8th - 13th

Student Fee $650

Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach on the Florida Panhandle as a Category 4 storm early Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 10, 2018. The storm’s heavy rain, high winds, and extreme storm surges caused massive destruction in its path and spawned numerous tornadoes. Hurricane Michael was the first Category 4 storm in recorded history to make landfall in the northeast Gulf Coast. So far, 35 deaths have been attributed to Hurricane Michael. Scores of people are still missing in the hardest-hit areas. Communities from the Florida Panhandle are still cleaning up, clearing debris, and taking stock of destroyed and damaged buildings. 

Hurricane Michael left immense destruction in its wake. The storm surge buckled roads and washed out foundations, high winds and rain-soaked ground caused roofs, trees, and power poles and lines to fall. Initial estimates of property damage are in excess of $4.5 billion. Damage estimates to Florida’s forestland are currently at $3 billion. The amount of damage to the area will not take months but years to rebuild. That is why we answered a call from St. Bernard Project and Catholic Charities

 The cost is currently $650 per student, however, we are hoping to get the cost down a little and will announce before final payments. Students are encouraged to use their Raffle Tickets sales towards the trip!! 

Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Shannon Fox at or 968-7317.

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If you have more questions please contact someone from our Campus Ministry:

Shannon Fox
Christian Service Administrator