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What is unique about a Holy Cross education?
Part of the tradition of a Holy Cross education is educating both the hearts and minds. This is just one piece of what makes a Holy Cross education, to learn more about our core values please click for more information.


2018 Fall Mission Ttrip

Asheville, North Carolina
October 24th - 28th

 We will be returning to the mountains of North Carolina this year! Working very hard to make some new connections for meaningful service. our Fall Break dates have made it challenging for us this year since our break coincides with the Asheville area schools! 

We have been VERY fortunate to get our foot in the door FINALLY at Habitat for Humanity in Asheville this year among returning to the Crisis Centers and Women and Children Shelters. We have people in Catholic Charities and ABCCM working on more opportunities in the area.

We have found a new home for our time in Asheville at a boys camp called Rockmont which I hope is as welcoming and adventure filled as the people that work there have been.

 The cost is currently $500 per student, however, we are hoping to get the cost down a little and will announce before final payments. Students are encouraged to use their Raffle Tickets sales towards the trip!! 

Packing List Important Dates
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Camp Rockmont Link to ReMind APP Instructions



If you have more questions please contact someone from our Campus Ministry:

Shannon Fox
Christian Service Administrator