Educating Hearts and Minds Since 1918

Holy Cross founder Blessed Basil Moreau said we must "contribute to preparing the world for better times than ours."

With a rich, 100+-year history, Cathedral has always taken great pride in its personalized education plan. The journey starts before a student’s freshman year. Counselors meet with eighth-graders between April and June to find out each student’s interests, strengths, challenges, and learning styles. We pair students with the same guidance counselor during his/her four years at Cathedral. Students also have the same college counselor for all four years.

Data is shared with teachers, giving educators a clear picture of each student so that they can design differentiated instruction.  These teachers combine Cathedral’s long-standing, faith-based approach to education with innovative, project-based learning. As a result, Cathedral students are equipped with the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century. Our Holy Cross values ensure that our graduates are not only scholars; they are spiritually active role models and citizens of the world.

Every Cathedral student is part of the Irish County System. This program breaks students into small groups with a teacher/staff mentor and peers from each grade level. The Irish County System fosters community and a sense of belonging at Cathedral High School. Studies show that students do better both socially and academically when they feel “truly known” and regarded as essential members of a learning community.  Parents are viewed as partners in the process, always feeling welcomed and encouraged to participate in their child’s educational journey. 

Nearly every Cathedral student participates in at least one of our school’s 120 co-curricular activities. This participation is an integral part of Cathedral’s holistic education, allowing students to develop leadership skills, make new friends, serve others, and be more physically fit. 

Cathedral’s exceptional program of educating hearts and minds has not gone unnoticed. Cathedral has been recognized three times as a National Blue Ribbon School.