COVID-19 Policies


***Updated January 11, 2022 - A person is considered fully vaccinated at least 14 days after their second shot. After February 7, 2022, a student must also be boosted in order to be considered fully vaccinated.***

New Covid Policies as of January 1, 2022

We will continue to require masks. Please make sure that your students are wearing their masks properly during J-Term. Not only will masks help keep our community safe, but the requirement will also help us continue in-person instruction. If we remain masked, we will not have to send home those exposed in a traditional classroom exposure.

Please take note of the new Covid protocols released by the Indiana Department of Health.

  • If someone tests positive for Covid in a classroom setting, we will notify those who are considered a close contact. If the close contact is full vaccinated and boosted (if the contact qualifies for a booster), the close contact will be allowed to stay in school and participate in sports, extracurricular activities, etc. 
  • If someone is not vaccinated or boosted and exposed to Covid in the classroom, the close contact may stay in school and participate in sports/extracurricular activities, but must be fully masked at all times. 
  • If a student is exposed at home or anywhere outside of the traditional classroom setting, and they are fully vaccinated and have received a booster (if eligible) they may remain in school, but must be fully masked for ten days. They may participate fully in school related activities.
  • If a student is exposed at home or anywhere outside of a traditional classroom setting, and they are not vaccinated or have not received a booster, they are to quarantine at home for five days after the exposure. They may return on day six ( day zero is day of exposure) if they remain symptom free and wear a mask 100% of the time for the remaining five days of quarantine.  They must be able to mask while practicing or playing in all sports or extra- curricular activities. If at any time symptoms develop they are to remain home and must have a negative test to return. 
  • It is always preferred that everyone exposed gets a negative test at day five from exposure.
  • If anyone tests positive, they are to remain home a minimum of five days. To return after day five, they must be symptom-free.  In addition, they must be fever-free for at least 24 hours. Again, students and educators must wear a WELL-fitting mask for the remaining five days and at all times while in sports or other activities. All athletes must receive written clearance by an MD/DO to undergo a gradual multi-day activity progression under our supervision before resuming practice/play. More information on return to sports is available on the Cathedral athletic website
  • To clarify, in the five and ten day counts, day one is the day after symptoms begin. The first day of symptoms or first day of exposure is day zero.
  • No one will be allowed to stay in school with any illness. This mandate includes educators and students. We have been less strict with this and need to be much tighter now. Omicron is so easily spread and is hitting everyone equally- vaccinated or not. While vaccinated people are much less ill, they are still sick. Anyone immune-compromised is at greater risk, and the unvaccinated are getting very ill. Hospitalizations for children under 18 have been the highest since the pandemic began. Staff and students need to stay home when they have cold or allergy symptoms. Those symptoms include stomach issues, body aches, cough, sinus pain or pressure, nausea or vomiting. We cannot accept explanations that the student or staff member simply has a cold or allergies. We must have a negative Covid test or a doctor's note stating that the illness isn't Covid.
  • All exposures to Covid must be reported to the school nurse, even if the contact didn't happen during a school activity. The nurse's email address is Please feel free to email her with any questions.


Our COVID-19 protocol may frequently change due to Marion County Health Department mandates and recommendations.


Please send a copy of your child's vaccination card to our school nurse at if they have been vaccinated. This information will remain confidential, but we must have it on file as it will aid in our contact tracing efforts if a member of our school community tests positive for COVID-19.  If we do not have proof of vaccination, students will need to quarantine if directly exposed to COVID-19.  

Monitoring Health

  • Whether vaccinated or not, please continue to monitor your children for ANY symptoms of illness. While the vaccine helps significantly to lessen the symptoms of Covid and prevent life-threatening illness, vaccinated people can still get and spread Covid. Having a history of COVID-19 will not make a difference unless it was within the previous 90 days.  
  • If your student is not feeling well, please call the attendance line 317-968-7496. Please list the specific symptoms, and, if warranted, the nurse will return your call to discuss your child’s options. Please do not send your student to school with any signs or symptoms of illness. 


  • If a student tests positive, they must complete a minimum of a five day isolation period and be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning.  
  • All students returning from being ill, waiting on a test, or quarantining from a positive test must check in with the nurse before returning to class.
  • Students who are out due to Covid concerns are permitted to do online learning.  

Online Learning

  • Online learning is reserved only for students who are out due to Covid reasons.  This includes:
    • Have tested positive and are in isolation 
    • Have been exposed to Covid and have been required to quarantine 
    • Are waiting on a negative test after having symptoms 
  • Students will not be permitted to attend online learning unless approved by the nurse and Academic Affairs. 


Preventative Measures

  • Students will be placed three feet apart from one another
  • All teachers will have seating charts readily available to assist with contact tracing
  • We encourage all students and educators to get vaccinated
  • All guests are required to wear a mask, effective Thursday, August 19