In The Classroom

Cathedral Principal Julie Barthel and the Academic Innovation Team have developed preliminary plans for the 2020/21 school year. Academic leaders will continue to follow local and state health guidelines to create a safe environment for students and educators.

Cathedral will continue Mission Mondays for the 2021 spring semester. Students will have a full elearning schedule with all classes and will be expected to have their cameras on during live instruction. Learn more about Mission Mondays.

Cathedral has updated it's daily schedule to better serve our students and allow for more club and all-school activities. Learn more about the new daily schedule.

In the Classroom

  • Face-to-face instruction with students in classes, with social distancing
  • Larger classes moved to larger physical spaces (WAC, Mims gym, cafeteria, etc)
  • Smaller class sizes when possible
  • Students in rows facing one direction
  • Students and teachers wearing masks at all times
  • Technology in classrooms to stream/record content to students and/or teachers who are at home
  • Cleaning procedures in place and time at the end of each class period built in the schedule to clean

Other areas of the school -

  • Reorganize P.E., choir, band, orchestra, and other large classes to allow for smaller classes, social distancing, and other precautions.
  • Reorganize assemblies, field trips, registrations, orientations, masses, and other large gatherings to allow for social distancing.
  • Move classes outdoors whenever possible.
  • Rearrange desks to increase space between students.
  • Face desks in the same direction.
  • Require students to remain seated in the classroom and possibly assign seats.
  • Eliminate activities that combine classes.
  • Eliminate or minimize whole staff gatherings/meetings. 
  • Eliminate or minimize students traveling to different buildings to receive services.
  • Limit or eliminate classroom visitors. 
  • Ensure adequate supplies to minimize sharing of high touch materials to the extent possible (art supplies, equipment, etc. assigned to a single child) or limit use of supplies and equipment by one group of children at a time and clean and disinfect between uses.
  • Avoid or minimize the sharing of electronic devices, books, art supplies, and other games or learning aids when possible.

Families also have the option for virtual learning for a quarter. Please contact Vice Principal Mark Matthews with questions about virtual learning.

  • To set up your child for online learning, you must fill out THIS FORM.  

Student Transportation Considerations

The Cathedral bus for some students is often the student’s first contact with the school in the morning and the last point of contact in the afternoon. Thus Cathedral will pay particular attention to protocols used in student transportation to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and protect both students and employees.

Information last updated on January 4, 2021