Class of 1964




Contact the Director of Philanthropic Engagement, Jean Smith '97 at if you are interested in being a class representative.

                 MEMBERS FROM THIS CLASS REGISTERED TO ATTEND REUNION                                                                                (AS OF june 17, 2019):

  • Michael Beyer
  • Patti (Brown) Skiles, SAA

Deceased members of the class of 1964.

Members of this class for whom we do not have a valid mailing address:

John Biehl
William Bundy
Stephen East
Richard Farley
John Hart
Joseph Hill
Timothy Kelley
Carlos Llera
Frank Manning
Fred Manning
Matthew Mansini
Noel Olinger
Bernard Platt
Carl Schneider
John Schneider
James Schulz
Steve Schwab
Dennis Smith
John Stephens
Karl Ullrich
A.W. Warnecke
James Watson
Stephen White
James Williams
Bill Young


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