Class of 1949



Contact the Director of Philanthropic Engagement, Jean Smith '97 at if you are interested in being a class representative.

               MEMBERS FROM THIS CLASS REGISTERED TO ATTEND REUNION                    (as of june 19, 2019):

  • Paul Bosler
  • Gene Henn
  • George Maley
  • Edward Morrison
  • Tom O'Brien
  • Mike Radkovic
  • Silvan Rathz

Deceased members of the class of 1949.

Members of this class for whom we do not have a valid mailing address:

  • John Conway
  • James Gates
  • Fridolin Gisler
  • Joseph Gisler
  • John Griffen
  • John Haigerty
  • William Heffernan
  • James Keith
  • Ken Kesterson
  • John Mahoney
  • Richard Pardi
  • Philip Roney
  • Rhys Schmidt
  • William Talbott
  • Jack Warner
  • William Webb
  • Joseph Zeunik

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