Lifelong Connections

As a Cathedral graduate, you inherit an ever-growing network of fellow alumni! The Cathedral Alumni Association, Black Alumni Council, and Academy Women offer a wealth of opportunities to remain involved and invested with your school and fellow alumni. The alumni portal exists to help keep our alumni and friends informed, connected, and engaged in the Cathedral family. We hope you find them useful and informative.

Alumni Association

  • Cathedral Alumni Association membership, determined with a $19.18 minimum donation per year to the Cathedral Fund entitles you to the right to vote in Alumni Association Board elections. Being a member for the Alumni Association will also put you on the mailing list to receive the Highlights Magazine

Academy Women

  • Attendees of Our Lady of Grace Academy, St. Agnes Academy, St. Mary Academy, St. John Academy, Ladywood School, Ladywood-St. Agnes in Indianapolis are all considered alumnae of Cathedral High School. Ladies from these schools are encouraged and invited to attend Cathedral alumni functions and help make Cathedral's history quite unique!

Black Alumni Council

  • The purpose of the Cathedral Black Alumni Council (BAC) is to support the overall mission of Cathedral High School by encouraging BAC members to engage in school activities, facilitate an exchange of information between the school and BAC members and assist Cathedral in recruiting and retaining African American students, faculty and staff. The BAC also raises funds to support the William Violet Fund, tuition assistance grants for African American students as well as educational initiatives that help Cathedral embrace the Holy Cross value of Inclusiveness and Diversity.

Stay Connected

Cathedral is dedicated to keeping you connected with classmates, friends and the school through a variety of methods. Don’t miss an opportunity to stay connected by updating your contact information regularly.

Request Assistance

In order to best serve our alumni, we invite you to contact the Director of Philanthropic Engagement, JeanSmith '97, directly for assistance. Jean can be reached at 317-968-7333 or