Alumni in Action

Cathedral students routinely hear the phrase "the competency to see and the courage to act." These alumni are living out the saying as we battle COVID-19. Cathedral is incredibly proud to call these alumni our family during these unprecedented times.

Ed Sahm '79  
Eddie Sahm '05

Ed Sahm and his son, Eddie Sahm, started planning for the shutdown of the restaurant industry weeks before the coronavirus outbreak led city and state officials to order the closures.

And so they were a little more ready than most owners to refocus Sahm's 16 restaurants. The result is an operation to benefit the not-for-profit Second Helpings, offer takeout at some locations, and open a series of marketplaces, where customers can get grocery items, including produce, cleaning products and, yes, toilet paper.

Still, the effort is not profitable. It's just enough to put some of Sahm's employees back to work, help the community and keep the company afloat for a few more weeks.

Host Mason King talks with Eddie Sahm about how he and his dad made key decisions and how they're making it work.

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Theresa Farrington '80 Rhodes

Executive Director at Buckingham Foundation 

A partnership between The Alexander Hotel and Second Helpings is not only helping to feed hundreds of people in the Indianapolis area during a time of need but is also helping some people get back to work.

“We have the infrastructure. We obviously have the skill set with our very talented Alexander staff and team members who love what they do. They love cooking and they love preparing food for people. And so we put all of this together we felt like it was a perfect win-win-win, if you will,” said Theresa Rhodes with the Buckingham Foundation.

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Nick Dellen '99

With local transportation options drying up in light of coronavirus concerns, Healthy365 has stepped in to assist those in the greatest need of accessing food and health care.

From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, the nonprofit is offering rides to those in need of medical treatment, lab work or food assistance.

To aid their efforts, two Greenfield car dealerships — Inskeep Ford and Dellen Automotive Family — have donated the use of vehicles.

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Anne Maguire '07

Anne works at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC on the COVID-19 floor.  She earned her masters from Duke University in infectious diseases and volunteered to work the floor after one nurse had passed after catching the virus. Anne currently works two shifts at the hospital for 70-80 hour weeks.  

Mia Black '98

During the coronavirus pandemic, Mia Black, assistant director of re-entry and community engagement, talks about what is needed most on the near west side area of Indianapolis.

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Sarah Poynter '99 Mattingly

A local artist has created a piece of artwork that resembles the unprecedented times and is giving back a portion of the profits to local artists and businesses. 

Local artist Sarah Mattingly says the “hope” continued to come to her while working in the art studio.

The print is $20. You can either get the digital copy sent to you and print it yourself or Mattingly can print a copy for you and mail it.

The local artist teaches art classes to children and adults in her studio near Meridian Hills. She says this is really a time to give back.

There’s a hashtag going around called “Indy Keeps Creating.” It’s an emergency relief fund foundation that is giving back to all venues, Indy arts and cultural events that had to be canceled because of COVID-19. The foundation is bridging the gap for lost wages for those workers and getting rapid grants to give back to those people.

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Nameless Catering

Nameless Catering is also turning their focus to feeding another group: health care workers on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Jeremy and Jessica Brown are the husband and wife team behind Nameless Catering. The couple is making it their mission to help others during the public health crisis.

However, this new mission to feed the people fighting the virus everyday in our hospitals holds a special place in Jessica Brown’s heart. She was a nurse for 10 years and she spent six of those years working in the Intensive Care Unit.

“I was sitting there going ‘man I just feel so bad for my friends out there,'” she said.

She says she felt like she had to do something to help. So she came up with an idea that maybe a free meal might give health care workers some relief.

“We could sponsor some meals to the hospital for them,” she said. “In any little way that we can do something for them at least fill their bellies for a minute. They may not get a break but they can run in and grab a little bit of hot food and get right back out there.”

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Nicole Brammer ‘00 Hubbard, MD

On this podcast episode, Dr Hubbard is a guest as they review the current news updates of this pandemic as well as recently updated guidelines and medical literature. It also discusses diagnostic testing and the important questions related to microbiology, the sensitivity/specificity of the tests, and the pitfalls. (Podcast was recorded on April 2, 2020)

Speakers: - Nicole Hubbard, MD - Jennifer Hanrahan, DO - David Banach, MD, MPH (moderator)

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Kristen Barnard ‘09