Choice Scholarship Information

Cathedral High School is a participating school in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program (known widely as the "Voucher" program). Through this program, families who meet certain guidelines (see below) might be eligible for an Indiana Choice Scholarship.

We believe that our participation in this program is consistent with our mission which, in part, calls for us to provide "to a diverse group of students" a holistic education rooted in Holy Cross values.

To get an estimate of your voucher award amount, please view the Estimated Award Amounts Document. The estimated voucher award amount is dependent on the school district where the student resides.

To be eligible for participation in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, the student must have legal settlement in Indiana and meet income eligibility guidelines* based on a family's 2023 federal tax returns (1040). 

Choice Scholarship Program Income Limits by Household Size
*Estimated based on 2024-2025 Updated Eligibility
Household Size Annual Household Income Limit
Calculation of 400% Reduced Lunch Eligibility 
1 $111,444
2 $151,256
3 $191,068
4 $230,880
5 $270,692
6 $310,504
7 $350,316
8 $390,128
9 $429,940
10 $469,752

Household size and income are typically found on your federal tax returns, but the below can help clarify what constitutes these items:

  • Income 
    • For most families, income is defined as the adjusted gross income from your federal tax returns. However, for voucher purposes, the household income includes all income coming into the household such as income from a self-owned business, child support payments received, social security, etc. 
  • Household size 
    • Children of divorced or separated parents are generally part of the household that has custody. When joint custody has been awarded, the child is considered part of the household where he/she resides for the majority of the year.
    • Children who are in college can be considered part of the household even if they are living at school.

Steps for Applying for Indiana Choice Scholarship at Cathedral

In order to apply for Choice Scholarships, families must:

  • Apply for admission and enroll or re-enroll to Cathedral for the 2024-2025 School Year
  • Upload federal tax returns (1040) to your student's SchoolAdmin Enrollment Portal account under the "Tax Documentation - OPTIONAL" form. If you would like to be considered for Cathedral need-based tuition assistance in addition to a voucher, apply for need-based tuition assistance through FACTS; your tax documents can be uploaded to this portal as well.

Additional Information

For additional information about Choice Scholarships (Vouchers) and/or SGO Scholarships, you can visit the Indiana Department of Education School Choice website.

Questions regarding Cathedral Financial Aid and Tuition Assistance? Contact Gene Murray '90, Director of Database Operations, Advancement & Financial Aid, at (317) 968-7334 or