The impact of these unprecedented times reaches nearly every aspect of our society. Certainly, within our Cathedral community, we have families whose jobs are in jeopardy or are already lost. Childcare, mental and physical health, and other worries dominate our minds.  We want all of our families to know that we are acutely aware of the widespread difficulties facing nearly all of us. 

If a Cathedral family has experienced a financial setback related to COVID-19 and wishes for us to consider this situation for possible review of aid for 2020-2021, please reach out to us. 

If your family has not applied for tuition assistance, the first step for you is to apply for aid so we can understand your family's overall financial picture. Once you have applied for tuition assistance, or if you already have applied for aid, we ask that families who wish to notify us of a request for reconsideration send us an email to that includes the following. 

  • Stated reasons for the changed circumstances (e.g. loss of employment, reduced hours, etc.)
  • Documentation regarding the changed employment status (e.g. furlough notification from an employer, statement of reduction of hours from an employer, current pay stubs and old pay stubs for us to compare, etc.)
  • Documentation of any unemployment benefits, as most folks impacted by unemployment are eligible to receive unemployment plus stimulus funds, which in some cases approaches $900+ per week
  • The specific amount of aid requested for 2020-2021

 While considering appeals, we will keep the following in mind:

  • How many families are in need of such reconsideration
  • How much collective additional aid might be needed
  • Our budgetary reality compared to the amount needed
  • The economic outlook

Again, please feel free to contact us at regarding tuition assistance. If you need to discuss a payment schedule, please feel free to email Jean Harris in the Business Office at