Re-Enrollment FAQ

When will I be able to re-enroll my child?

Re-enrollment for 2019-2020 will begin on Friday, April 12 and will continue through Friday, May 3.

How will I "re-enroll" my child or children?

On April 12, parents will receive an email that includes a unique/encrypted link to access their parent portal, along with step-by-step instructions on how to re-enroll.

Will I have to fill out the re-enrollment form?

Yes and no! Your information will be pre-filled in the online re-enrollment form for you to review, change, or approve. If any information is incorrect, simply change the information on the form. This is one of the biggest advantages of online re-enrollment for families.

Can I re-enroll more than one child at a time?

Yes! Once you have accessed your family's account using the unique link provided in your email, you will be able to see each child associated with your account. Simply click on the child you wish to re-enroll, and complete the registration process. If you have more than one child to re-enroll, you can click on that child's name and repeat the process very easily!

Will I have to fill out the entire form for each of my children?

Yes, but the form will be pre-populated for you to review and accept or change where necessary.

Once I start the re-enrollment process, how long will it take?

We want this process to be as efficient as possible. We expect the re-enrollment form to take no longer than 10-15 minutes per child. 

Do I have to complete everything in one sitting? What if I need to stop and come back to it later?

No, you will have the ability to save your information and complete it at a later time.

I actually submitted my re-enrollment form, but now I need to change some of the information. How can I access the form again?

Once you actually have submitted the form, you cannot access it to make corrections. In this case you will need to contact the Enrollment Management Office at or (317) 968-7370.

I do not want to fill out the form online. Can I fill out a paper form instead?

We no longer use paper forms to enroll or re-enroll students at Cathedral High School. If you do not have access to a computer where you can complete the online form, you may schedule an appointment to come in and complete the form at Cathedral High School. Please contact the Enrollment Management Office at or (317) 968-7370 to schedule such an appointment.

I am concerned about having my personal information online. Is it secure?

Cathedral High School partners with SchoolAdmin to deliver, process, and encrypt all information using the latest in online security techniques. Your data will be secure and confidential.

What if I do not have a computer or email address?

If you do not have a computer or online access available to you, please contact the Enrollment Management Office at or (317) 968-7370 to make an appointment to re-enroll online at Cathedral High School.


Who do I contact if I misplace my login and/or password information, or if I have any questions?

Please contact the Enrollment Management Office at or (317) 968-7370.

Once I fill out the form, how will I know if the information was submitted correctly?

You will receive an email confirmation indicating that we received the re-enrollment form and information correctly.

Is a deposit required for re-enrollment?

There is a required re-enrollment deposit that for most families is $1,000. Occasionally this gets prorated to a smaller amount for families receiving significant amounts of need-based tuition assistance. This deposit is applied toward your student's balance, so it is not an additional fee.

What types of payments can be made?

Payments can be made online via credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa accepted). You will utilize FACTS (replaces Tuition Management Systems--more info coming soon about this!) for all payment of tuition. You can pay in four ways:

  • One payment in July
  • Two equal payments (July and January)
  • Quarterly equal payments (July, October, January, and April)
  • Ten (10) equal payments (July-April)
  • There is a $200 service charge (with no interest) for families, regardless of payment plan selected, with a balance $500.00 or more as of September 1.

FACTS also charges a fee for its service of $50 per family for quarterly or monthly payments, or $20 per family for the two-pay plan. Historically with TMS these have been per-student fees, but now they are per-family fees, which saves most families money!

What if there are two or more parties paying my student’s re-enrollment fees?

We understand that there are some families sharing tuition and fees accounts. We cannot split the re-enrollment deposit into two payments, but we can work with you about splitting the tuition payments themselves. Please complete the online re-enrollment process, then contact Jean Harris in the Business Office to discuss splitting payment of tuition and fees between two or more payors. You can reach Mrs. Harris at or (317) 968-7312

I usually pay my student(s) tuition in full at the time of re-enrollment. Can I still do this?

Yes, we will accept payment of full tuition and student fee at the time of re-enrollment. If you wish to do so, please contact the Enrollment Management Office at or (317) 968-7370. We will adjust your enrollment deposit to the amount of the full tuition and fee. Or, if you receive any discount (need-based tuition assistance, merit scholarship, multi-student discount, etc.), we can work with the Business Office for you to pay the net total amount via credit card without incurring the usual 2% credit card payment fee.