Here is what some current Cathedral parents have to say about Cathedral's transportation services!

We live on the southeast side of Indianapolis, and Cathedral offering transportation services to the surrounding metropolitan areas has allowed our two sons to have the opportunity to attend the school of their choice. The services have always been offered at very reasonable costs, and the bus driver has always worked with our family, individually, to develop a bus stop that is convenient for us. We greatly appreciate the opportunity our boys have been given to attend such a fine school, and the availability of transportations services for students has made this much easier for us.
—Lisa and Mark (South Indianapolis)
Our son was determined to attend Cathedral. Driving him to school would be time consuming, and we would have done it, but when we found out that Cathedral has a transportation service we were really relieved! We love that his drop off and pick up stop is 3 minutes from home, and we feel comfortable that he is safe and is arriving to school in a timely manner. The driver has been reliable and dependable! This service has only added to our already positive experience!
—Scott and Kirsten (Carmel)
Living in Greenwood, the distance and travel to Cathedral was one major challenge that stood in the way of our sons fulfilling their dreams of attending Cathedral. Little did we know that the school all the way up on 56th Street would provide bus service to take our boys back and forth to school. Our boys were picked up a mere couple of miles from our home and dropped off safely at home. This was a huge relief, especially in the winter. The drivers are a part of the Cathedral family, hence personable and flexible. And the transportation fee was just a fraction of what it would have cost us personally to drive back and forth. Just another perk of attending this amazing school!
—Ian and Ruby (Greenwood)
The Cathedral transportation system is convenient and reliable. The communication between driver, parent, and student is open, and the personal communication my child and I have with my child's driver is wonderful. I am confident my child will get to school and home safely. Yes, I have to pay, but the cost is less than I would be paying if I were to drive him. Participating in the Cathedral transportation system has been a blessing.

—Staci (Northeast Indianapolis)