Transfer Applicants

The typical entry point for students transferring to Cathedral is at the beginning of a semester (fall semester in August or spring semester in January).

  • There is no application deadline for transfer admission, but we suggest applying for the beginning of a school year during the spring semester of the preceeding year or during the early part of the summer.
  • We suggest applying for mid-year enrollment after the completion of the first grading period of the school year and no later than early December.

Step 1: Submit an Application for Admission

To apply for transfer admission, families can click here to create an online portal account and submit an online Application for Admission. There is no application fee.

Step 2: Obtain Two Student Recommendations

After the Admissions Office has processed your application, you will be be able to access your application checklist. This includes two (2) recommendations.

  • For each recommendation you will be prompted to share the names and email addresses of two different teachers who will provide online recommendations. These teachers will receive an email that will allow them to submit this online recommendation. The following are examples of who can submit such recommendations:
    • The student’s current teachers of an academic subject (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Theology, or World Language);
    • The student’s school guidance counselor
    • The student’s school principal

Step 3: Submit Academic Records

The following information must be uploaded via the student's online application checklist:

  • A copy of the student's high school transcript
    • Any applicant who has not completed at least one full year of high school also must submit a copy of the entire 8th-grade report card to the same address above.
  • Additional educational evaluations and/or medical information, if applicable

We will accept unofficial transcripts for initial evaluation, but we will not make any offers of admission without an official transcript from any school(s) previously attended.


Additional Information

The Admissions Office must receive all required materials before the Admissions Committee will consider the request for transfer admission. At this point, the applicant might be invited to complete a student/parent interview with one or more members of the Admissions Committee.

The criteria for transfer admission include the following:

  • Space availability
  • Student academic performance and social standing in previous schools (including the student's current school)
  • Assessment of the stated reason(s) for transfer admission

If you have any questions regarding transfer admission, please contact Beth Wissler at (317) 968-7353 or