students in classroom

Cathedral High School has pioneered services in the city for bright, college bound students with specific language processing disabilities. Founded by Elizabeth Barnard in 1980, the Language Support Program at Cathedral began to embrace such students so that they could learn to their highest potential and prepare for college and life's demands.

The challenges of dyslexia, reading comprehension or written expression disabilities,  and sometimes non-verbal disabilities are sometimes accompanied by Attention Deficit Disorder.  Because any of these challenges can reduce the learning efficiency of these motivated learners, specialized instruction enhances their language skills. Throughout the long history of this program, nearly 1,000 Cathedral graduates in the Language Support Program have attended and graduated from hundreds of colleges and universities around the country.

Today, Cathedral and the Language Support Program are more strongly committed than ever to exceptional learners. 

For additional information about the Language Support Program at Cathedral, please contact Brian Gross, Director of Language Support, at (317) 968-7491 or bgross@gocathedral.com.