Summer School 2020

Cathedral High School is extremely excited to get this year’s summer classes up and going.  Even though we have to be online, we have designed our courses to be very interactive and engaging. For many of our families, the most important part of the summer school experience is social interaction. We are very intentional when designing the curriculum to include many social and interactive opportunities through Zoom breakout rooms and Google Hangouts.     

All students will need their iPad for summer school classes.  If you do not have an iPad yet, you should order it as soon as possible. Students should have their iPads the week before (May 26) summer school starts for onboarding purposes. The technology Team recommends that iPads are 7th Generation 10.2" WiFi IPad with 128G storage.  You can get 6th generation as well, just make sure you get the 128G version to ensure that your freshman has enough space.

Incoming freshmen and new students to Cathedral High School enrolled in Summer School must have their iPad “onboarded” before classes start on June 2.  Onboarding is the process where our technology department connects your device with all the applications that will be needed for your classes. On May 26, all new families will receive information from our technology team on how to onboard their iPad.

If you have any questions about summer school, please contact Bill Peebles at  

For course descriptions and prerequisites, visit the Cathedral Course Guide.


Notes for Summer School


Due to the shortened schedule for summer school, 100% attendance is expected. Missing one class is equivalent to one week during the regular school year. If an emergency arises and your student must be absent from school, please call the attendance line and report the absence at 317-968-7496. Final exams will be on Thursday, June 25, 2020; therefore, this is a mandatory day of summer school. Missing more than two (2) days of any class will result in a grade reduction of 4% per day for each day missed beyond those two (2) days. Please check your family calendar for vacations, athletic and/or other activity conflicts, etc. prior to registering for summer school!


Students taking Health, Math, English, and Study Skills will be using iPads in class and will undergo onboarding with the Technology Department on Tuesday, June 2 during a mandatory orientation. Students taking Physical Education also will undergo onboarding with their iPad on Tuesday, June 2. 


Students do not need to purchase any books; however, they will need their iPad for all classes with the exception of Physical Education. Students do need a folder, a notebook, pens, and pencils for all classes. 


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