Ordering Textbooks

New Steps for Ordering Textbooks for 2019-2020.

Cathedral has partnered with ETechCampus and Clever.com to connect your child's schedule directly from Powerschool.  To purchase books, you must use your child's Cathedral login ID and password for Powerschool.   Using the Clever.com portal will connect ETechCampus to Cathedral's Powerschool's student courses.   This helps ensure you are getting the correct books for the right classes.

Ordering books must be done separately for each child.

Watch this video that outlines the steps using a computer or laptop

Using your phone or mobile device:
Step 1 - Click here to go to the new book order website
Step 2  Then click on the button "Log in with Active Directory"

Step 3 Enter in your child's Cathedral username and password used for Powerschool. 
DO NOT use your Parent Powerschool username and password.  This will NOT work!
You MUST use chs\username23 and your child's Powerschool password
The "chs\" is required!  See below

Also do not use your child's email address.  That will not work either!

Step 4  You will be redirected to a Clever portal - Click on the eTechCampus icon

Step 5 - You will be redirected to eTechcampus's website.  Click on the top right button

Step 6 Click on the "Order" link to the left

Step 7 - You should now see your child's books.  Choose the books you want to purchase.

Step 8 - Complete your purchase  - Congratulations!

If you have any book ordering questions, please contact Melissa Haley at mhaley@gocathedral.com