Ordering Textbooks

Not sure where to begin when it comes to ordering textbooks for the upcoming school year? Below we’ve outlined a step-by-step process to help you seamlessly order all of your student’s textbooks in the most time and cost efficient manner.

First Things First: Find Your Student’s Course Requests

You will be receiving your student's course requests with their selected classes listed via email. Finalized schedules with classroom numbers and teachers will be sent out at the beginning of August.

We suggest printing out your student’s course request list to easily access this information while searching online for textbooks.

Once you have your student’s course request list, and the course and section numbers identified, it’s time to begin looking at your purchase options. While there are several different ways to purchase textbooks, we recommend three options for ease of process. 

Option 1: eTechCampus

We encourage all families to begin their textbook purchasing experience on eTechCampus. eTechCampus is an online portal where you may purchase all of your student’s textbooks. This site can be found at cathedralhigh.etechcampus.com/. While eTechCampus has the convenience of one-stop shopping, it does not guarantee the lowest prices. Cathedral High School does not own or operate eTechCampus as they are a third party that simply carries our textbooks. By using eTechCampus, you will be certain to order the correct book version needed for your student’s classes.

eTechCampus is a great place to begin your research as it shows you images of the proper textbook, as well as the ISBN number that ensures you are ordering the correct edition of the book. Regardless of where you may end up buying textbooks from, starting at eTechCampus to retrieve this information will save you time throughout the process.

Why eTechCampus?

The tech support and relationship between Cathedral and eTechCampus is a valuable tool in helping students get their books within ample time for school. We also have the privilege of having eTechCampus at Cathedral the day before school starts to assist parents and students with any questions about downloading the textbooks correctly. Please direct all questions about ordering, refunds, shipping, and obtaining the digital text on the iPad to eTechCampus at 1-877-284-6744.

*Please note that there are some classes such as Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II that require new e-books that must be purchased on eTechCampus to ensure the correct version.

Option 2: Online Shopping

If you’ve visited eTechCampus and have decided you’d like to shop around a bit more before purchasing, there are various other online sites you can use to purchase your books at the best rate possible. Other online outlets for purchasing textbooks include sites such as Amazon, iTunes, kno.com, Half Price Books, and Barnes and Noble.

To ensure you are purchasing the correct textbook, we encourage you to print out the image and ISBN number from eTechCampus for all of your books. This can be used as a cross reference when purchasing textbooks.

Option 3: Friends and Family

Another great option for purchasing textbooks is asking friends and family who have previously taken the courses your student has signed up for. Again, we strongly recommend beginning at eTechCampus to make sure your student is receiving the correct edition of the textbook.