Learning Resource FAQ

Cathedral High School, consistent with the school’s Holy Cross mission of educating hearts and minds, offers the Learning Resource Center that opened during the 2016-2017 school year!

Designed to meet the needs of students with diagnosed learning differences, the Learning Resource Center and a new full-time director work with students and parents to develop an individualized education plan based upon the student’s needs. Below are some anticipated or actual questions about the program, with answers to them.

Why did Cathedral decide to offer the Learning Resource Center?
For years Cathedral has been a leader in educating students with demonstrated needs, especially in the Language Support Program. And many of the services to be offered by the Learning Resource Center already are available to students. By adding this program, hiring a full-time director, and creating physical space, Cathedral has taken the next step in meeting student needs by focusing these services and providing students, parents, and teachers with even more dedicated resources—a director, physical space, and more.

How does a student become identified as eligible for this program?
If a family shares a documented need for accommodations via the application process, the director will become involved in the admissions decision process, and the enrollment management staff will coordinate communication with the family about joining the program. Any parent who believes that his or her student would qualify for this program should contact the Enrollment Management Office at admissions@gocathedral.com or (317) 968-7370.

What documentation is required to be part of this program?
Like enrollment in the Language Support Program, required documentation will include a psychoeducational evaluation that has been completed within the past three (3) years, since this is the type of documentation required for high-stakes testing and various college/university admissions processes.

How is this program a part of Cathedral 360?
Cathedral 360 is all about meeting the needs of students on a very personalized level, and the Learning Resource Center is designed to meet the individual needs of college-bound students who happen to have diagnosed learning needs. By assessing each student’s needs and aligning support services around those needs, the Learning Resource Center embodies Cathedral 360.

Will the Language Support Program continue at Cathedral?
Absolutely! The Language Support Program will continue to meet the needs of students with language-based learning differences by offering direct instruction in English classes and Latin classes.

How does this program differ from the Language Support Program?
The Language Support Program specifically serves students with a language-based learning difference, while the Learning Resource Center meets the needs of all students who have diagnosed learning needs, including those in the Language Support Program. The Learning Resource Center does not involve direct classroom instruction, but it does provide a multitude of services as outlined at www.gocathedral.com/lrc.

What is the role of the director?
The director is involved in admissions decisions, academic placement, development of individual education plans, meetings with families, coordination of case conferences, professional development for teachers, and many other elements of the Learning Resource Program as outlined at gocathedral.com/lrc.

How are other teachers involved in this program?
Classroom teachers for each program participant also are involved, but certain teachers are involved even more consistently in the program’s physical home during student Resource time to provide academic coaching and to help students improve their executive functioning skills.

Was Cathedral offering these services already? If so, what is new about this program?
Many of the program’s services exist today, but the Learning Resource Center and its director now provide even more focus. Offering a dedicated space for coaching, development of executive functioning skills, and more definitely is new to Cathedral. Providing dedicated resources to students in the Language Support Program but also to students with diagnosed needs in other areas represents an increased focus on meeting the needs of our students.

Is there a cost for this program?
While there is an annual fee for the Language Support Program since there is direct classroom instruction in much smaller classes, there is no additional cost for the Learning Resource Center. Cathedral does not want families to bear a financial burden simply because their students in this program demonstrate a need for accommodations!

How can I learn more about the Learning Resource Center (LRC)?
For more information about this exciting new program, please contact Sheila Roberts at sroberts@gocathedral.com. You also can visit www.gocathedral.com/lrc or contact the Cathedral enrollment management office at (317) 968-7370.