Language Support FAQ

Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions students and families might have when considering the Language Support Program at Cathedral.  For additional information about the Language Support Program at Cathedral, please contact Brian Gross, Director of Language Support, at (317) 968-7491 or via email at

What is meant by "program"?

We provide direct instruction as the English teacher for these students we accept. The three teachers loop the students through the four years of English courses. Here, instructional approaches and pace allow students to study challenging literature selections and hone comprehension skills. Written expression and learning/study strategies are developed in these courses, with the expectation that these skills are applied to all the other courses. The courses are at the Academic level for freshmen and sophomore years, and we do the International Baccalaureate curriculum the junior and senior years. (Honors level.)

How many are selected for LSP?

We accept between 24 and 28 students so that our two English classes have only 12 to 14 students. We do expect this will be a four-year relationship; we won’t take a student out of the program when they are finding success, for that is our objective!

How are students selected?

Students have a diagnosis of some type of language-based processing challenge. Some students have been identified as dyslexic, some have been labeled as learning disabled by a public school corporation, some have a reading disability, and some have been tested but have never had school support services. A current (no more than four years) psychoeducational evaluation is required. In this, a battery of cognitive and academic skills reveals strong intelligence, along with some area of language which interferes with ease of learning some skills. This evaluation can be from either a private practice psychologist or a school psychologist. Some students attending Cathedral have a public school service plan, a Catholic school service plan, and others have never had such an IEP. With psychoeducational testing as the common denominator for our  program candidates, we then consider  needs and potential to benefit from our classes when accepting students for the Language Support Program.

What courses are offered in the language support program?

English, Composition, and Latin are part of this branch of Cathedral’s English department. All other courses are selected from Cathedral’s regular requirements and electives.

Cathedral does charge a fee for our smaller classes; it is presently $800 per year for 9th and 10th grades (two English classes each year) and $400 per year for 11th and 12th grades (one English class each year).

Accommodations for all courses and college entrance tests are provided, as well as guidance in the college search and admission process.