From January 9 through January 16, Cathedral students will take a break from their usual classes and immerse themselves in a single subject of their choosing.  January Term, or J-Term, will offer our students the ability to explore curiosities and allow for some balance and time to explore things that they may be interested in learning at a deeper level.  This time will also give our students opportunities to immerse themselves in hands-on experiences of applied learning and unconventional teaching that they might not be able to have during the regular school year. We will ignite passions, help direct our students to explore aspirations and interests, and also give some time for our students to be able to breathe. This will also provide our teachers the opportunity to share their unique gifts and talents apart from the subjects they teach at Cathedral.  J-Term classes will be on student transcripts and are a requirement for graduation. However, J-Term will not impact a student's GPA.

Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores have the opportunity to sign up for two one-session courses or one two-session course. Session 1 runs January 9-12 and Session 2 will be held January 16-18. Please note that the students' first pick is not guaranteed as most classes will be capped. All freshmen will have a designated Freshman J-Term that will offer a broad spectrum of experiences. No registration is required for freshmen.

J-Term Courses

*Courses listed below are from 2023. 2024 courses are still being finalized.