The Fine Print: Cost

When enrolling in an IB course or the full diploma, there are costs in addition to Cathedral tuition.  Below is a brief explanation of such costs, payment plan options, and evidence that it is money well spent.  NOTE: if you student is taking only SL courses, he/she can decide whether or not to take the exam.


Registration fee: $172 – this is a one-time fee for each year a student takes IB tests.  Most students take IB exams as 12th graders.  If the student is a full diploma candidate, the registration fee covers both years.  If, however, the student is taking classes as a certificate student and he/she takes one exam junior year and another exam senior year, the registration fee is required each year.

Exam fee: $119 per exam

Total cost for the Diploma program: $886 – includes registration, exams, and fees for the core components

Note: AP tests cost $93 per exam, so there is only a small difference in price.



Payment plan suggestions for Diploma Candidates:

Full: $886.00                                          Due December 1st, 2019

Annual: $443  (11th grade only)            Due December 1st, 2019; December 1, 2020

Bi-Annual: $221.50 (11th grade only)   Due September 1st, 2019; December 1, 2019

                                                                September 1st, 2020; December 1, 2020 

A payment plan can also be created for a certificate student.  If taking one course, the options are as follows:

Full: $291                   Due December 1st, 2019

Annual: $145.50         Due September 1st, 2019; December 1st, 2019

*All payments are completed through the business office; contact Jean Harris at to discuss payment methods and/or other payment plan options.



Though this does seem pricy, when compared to the opportunity of testing out of a college course, it makes sense.  For example, one credit hour at IU is $287.76; most classes are 3 credit hours meaning a total of $863.28; this price does not include books, etc.  If a student scores a 5 or above in an HL course, it is very likely that he/she will earn a minimum of 3 credit hours.  



If you are unable to pay a portion or all of this, we will do what we can to help cover the cost.  To get such aid, a student will have to show financial need.

At present, if a student on the diploma track qualifies for free or reduced lunch, the state does cover $98 for each exam, with Cathedral covering the remaining cost.  Please contact Gary Spurgin for more information and to get signed up for this assistance. 

Please contact Gary Spurgin, IB Diploma Program Coordinator, for further information and/or questions: