"You will be absolutely shocked at how many college students do not seem adequately prepared for college-level writing and thinking, even though to your upper years of college.  IB developed me in both areas and I could not be more grateful that one area of transition to college life was taken care of before I even stepped on campus." - Emily Troyer '15 

"Because of the IB program, my tool box for tackling assignments and information has been invariably expanded and developed.  It's difficult to put into words, but the IB program has built me up in such a way that I am no longer afraid of work I am given or information I have to tackle.  I have the skills and experiences from various IB assessments and curriculum requirements to know how to research, organize, and defend things that I produce in ways that aren't just traditional research papers.  IB has made me less afraid of the work expected of me as I go through my education and has made me feel prepared for anything that may come my way." - Gates Schneider '16

"If I could offer a piece of advice to every student looking for a way to prepare for college, it would be to take IB courses.  IB encourages students to take academic risks, to think critically, and to explore the connections between ideas.  Through the IB Programme at Cathedral, I learned how to research things I found interesting and then how to communicate them effectively.  Having these skills has made college all the more exciting for me because I've been able to jump in feet first to explore the things that pique my interest." - Moira Corcoran '15

"The IB program has had a profound impact on my life in many different ways.  Overall, I have become a more knowledgable and well-rounded individual who is able to clearly and effectively communicate with others, and for that I am eternally grateful." - Nathan Lee '17

"IB allowed me to focus on topics that I wanted to study, such as writing my extended essay as a mixture of my two favorite subjects - Psychology and English." - Katy Borland '17

"The IB Diploma Program was incredibly influential in my high school experience.  This self-guided learning method allowed me to discover my interests and become more knowledgable in the areas in which I am interested." -Bella Thomas '17 

"The IB program greatly impacted my time in college.  I felt immensely prepared to write extended papers, and I was able to communicate well.  I learned how to budget my time well and live a balanced lifestyle.  Now, I am taking my communication skills with me into the Kindergarten classroom at St. Christopher!" -Anna Huntine '13

"IB has taught me the value of taking risks and the significance of strong communication." -Nicholas Huntine '17 

"IB helped develop my organizational and critical thinking skills.  It helped me create a support network that allowed me to thrive both academically and socially." -Alex Cotton '17