Cecilia M. Mimms Gym Dedication

On Friday, February 8 the auxillary gym was dedicated as the Cecilia M. Mimms '77 Gymnasium! Below is the opening prayer shared by Sr. Ann Casper SAA '70.

"O Provident God of unimaginable abundance, we ask you to bless Cecilia Marie Mimms and all who gather to honor her this evening. Bless particularly Kathy Welsh '78 and Gary Loveman who have made this evening possible.

Celcilia's achievements in the arena of sports - with excellence achieved in basketball, volleyball and track - are indeed legendary and worthy of dedicating a gymnasium in her honor.

mimms and her teammates in front of the new gym sign

We praise you for gifting her with passion for sports, with leadership skills, with dedication to the training, commitment required to excel, with a great personality, and for the legacy of those gifts she leaves to future generations, as a player, coach, teacher and role model.

Continue to bless Cecilia and all those gathered as we play the game called life. Help each of us to gift others with nothing but net as we love with no strings attached, accept other without exception and cheer each other on until we all finish our life's race, the better for having known each other.

And let the spectators say...AMEN!"