Update on our Reopening Plan


This message was sent to all parents on August 5, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Greatness is calling us back to the Hill. Our three task forces have spent the past three months, creating a 50-page safety plan to ensure Cathedral High School is the safest school in Indiana. Medical professionals, including some who are Cathedral parents, have applauded our thorough and comprehensive plan. Thank you for your support! We firmly believe in-person learning serves students best. 

Due to construction and coronavirus safety protocols, we have implemented new traffic patterns. 

We will use the first two days of school to transition our student body back to campus.  By building to capacity, we can ensure parents, as well as student drivers, clearly understand the new traffic flow. This four minute video showcases our drop off procedures. The video includes a map, plus a narrated drive to our drop off locations. The staggered arrival may cause inconvenience as families arrive on the Hill. Please know the safety of our students, families, and educators has never been more critical than it is right now. Thank you for being our partners in the process.

The first day on campus for freshmen and seniors is Thursday, August 13. Sophomores and juniors are to stay home and participate in their classes via zoom.

The first day on campus for sophomores and juniors is Friday, August 14. Freshmen and seniors are to stay home and participate in their classes via zoom.

Please CLICK HERE to review student expectations when participating in remote learning. 

All students should report to campus on Monday, August 17, which will be Day 1 and the beginning of our seven day rotation. Day 1-7 Daily Schedule

The table below provides an outline of next week.


Wednesday, August 12

Thursday, August 13

Friday, August 14

Monday, August 17

Seniors - Class of 2021

New transfer students only: New Student Walk through 7:50-10 a.m.; Transfer student orientation 10:15-1 p.m. 

First Day On Campus

Check Schoology; join classes via Zoom

All students report to campus 7:50 a.m. start time: Day 1 schedule

Juniors - Class of 2022

Check Schoology; join classes via Zoom

First Day On Campus

Sophomores - Class of 2023

Check Schoology; join classes via Zoom

First Day On Campus

Freshmen - Class of 2024 

All Freshmen: New Student Walk through 7:50-10 a.m.

First Day on Campus

Check Schoology; join classes via Zoom


We are excited to be able to safely keep our Cathedral traditions alive, including our seniors’ enthusiastic welcome of freshmen to the Hill on August 13. We also have plans for a special welcome for our sophomores and juniors on August 14.

Again, we expect students who are not on campus to engage in their classes. Teachers will post a zoom link for each class on Schoology. Please advise your student to be on the lookout for the links.

We are still waiting to hear from the Marion County Health Department regarding our waiver to have all students on campus. Our Academic Task Force has created a hybrid model and are ready to implement that model if the Marion County Health Department mandates we do so. I am incredibly grateful for our dedicated and hard-working educators who have engaged in professional development, contributed to our task forces, and worked tirelessly to ensure we are able to educate the hearts and minds of our students at the highest level possible.  

As we did at the beginning of this pandemic, we asked for your patience and grace to navigate these unchartered waters. Not many schools have a combination of construction and coronavirus, but not many schools have our 100-plus year tradition of excellence. We will get through this, Cathedral, and we will do it together.

Please continue to pray for those directly impacted by COVID-19, and for a safe and productive school year!


Stay well, and Go Irish!

Julie Barthel