Spring Holy Cross Recipients

Congratulations to our newest Holy Cross Award Winners!

The Blessed Basil Moreau recipients were recognized for demonstrating leadership, excellence in the classroom, and living the Holy Cross Core Values. The following students received the award (front row, left to right):

Kellen O'Brien '26, Amari Moore '27, Charles Golden '25, Ashanti Sharber '27, Emily Shea '24, Nolan McCracken '26 (Moreau Award), Veronica Rondinella '25, and Daisy Andersen '25. DeVaughn Perkins '24 was unable to attend the ceremony.

The Blessed Bail Moreau recipients were recognized for their service to others, positive attitudes, and be immersed in student activities. The following students were recognized (second row, left to right):

Katie Boggs '27, Lia Brann '27, Emma Drewry '25, Henry Haley '27, and Sheldon Gailtin '24. William Neale '24 and Jill Dorsey '25 were unable to attend the ceremony