Spanish Team Brings Home Trophies

spanish team at their event


The Spanish Team brought home trophies in many different categories over the weekend. Congratulations to the competitors!

Overall standings:

  • Team captain: Izzy Sweeney
  • Heritage Language – 2nd place; Spanish IV/Adv – 3rd place; Spanish III – 3rd place; Spanish II – 3rd place
  • Spanish III/ADV Skit: 1st place: Jack Hutchens, Anabel Konesco, Elizabeth Murphy, Katie Rushka
  • Piñata: 2nd place: Lindsey Douglas
  • Poster: 4th place: Taryn Buford
  • Toro Trivia team: 4th place: Joe Egan, Rachel Leighton, Katie Rushka, Izzy Sweeney, Quinn Sweeney
  • Vocabulary, Spanish II: 2nd place: Joe Egan
  • Vocabulary, Spanish III: 4th place: Levi Wojtalik
  • Vocabulary, Spanish IV/ADV: 5th place: Natalie Schorr
  • Spelling Bee, Heritage speaker: 3rd place: Josh Zenil
  • Scrambled Sentences, Spanish II: 3rd place: Isaac Michael
  • Scrambled Sentences, Spanish III: 2nd place: Levi Wojtalik, 3rd place: Yinny Lim, 5th place: Abygail Dravis
  • Scrambled Sentences, Spanish IV/Adv: 2nd place: Anya Neumeister, 4th place: Anabel Konesco
  • Impromptu Speaking, Spanish II: 1st: Isaac Michael
  • Impromptu Speaking, Spanish III: 4th place: Levi Wojtalik
  • Impromptu Speaking, Spanish IV/Adv: 1st place: Natalie Schorr, 3rd place: Anya Neumeister, 4th place: Nyah Conway
  • Impromptu Speaking, Heritage: 3rd place: Jair Zenil
  • Grammar, Spanish II: 1st place: Joe Egan, 5th place: Isaac Michael
  • Grammar, Spanish III: 3rd place: Abygail Dravis, 4th place: Levi Wojtalik
  • Grammar, Heritage: 1st place: Jair Zenil, 5th place: Josh Zenil
  • Non-stop Conversation, Spanish III: 3rd place: Abygail Dravis and Yinny Lim
  • Non-stop Conversation, Spanish IV/Adv: 1st place: Anya Neumeister and Natalie Schorr
  • Non-stop Conversation, Heritage speaker: 2nd place: Jair Zenil and Josh Zenil
  • Recitation, Spanish III/Adv: 4th place: Clara Isaac, 5th Yinny Lim

Team Members: Kyleigh Braun, Taryn Buford, Nyah Conway, Elaine Dorsey, Lindsey Douglas, Abygail Dravis, Joe Egan, Jack Hutchens, Clara Isaac, Will Kennedy, Meghan Klenke, Anabel Konesco, Tyler Kunkel, Rachel Leighton, Yinny Lim, Isaac Michael, Elizabeth Murphy, Anya Neumeister, Kylie Price, Katie Rushka, Natalie Schorr, Izzy Sweeney, Quinn Sweeney, Levi Wojtalik, Jair Zenil, Josh Zenil