School Choice - We Need Your Help!

Dear Cathedral Community,

I recently reached out regarding potential legislation, HB 1001 and 1005. These bills, entitled "School Choice Matters", would have a significant impact on Cathedral and the opportunities, programs, and financial aid our students could receive.

This legislation would expand the number of students who could qualify for School Choice Scholarships, commonly known as a vouchers, by increasing the household income threshold from its current level of 150% of free/reduced lunch to 225% in year one and to 300% in year two. (That's $107,000 for a family of four in year one and $144,000 in year two.) The legislation would also provide anyone who is voucher eligible with a 90% voucher, thereby eliminating the 70% and 50% tiers.

I am happy to report that the bills have passed the Indiana House; however, they have entered the Indiana Senate and have been greatly altered.

The Indiana Senate has changed the bills to have a household income threshold of 200%, a far cry from the 300% the Indiana House passed. The income threshold of 200% would equate to a family of four having an income of $98,000. The Senate also proposed that the elimination of tiers occur in the 2022-2023 school year instead of next year. This delay would greatly reduce the impact on our current families.

We are asking for your help! There is still time for the Senate to restore the house version, which would increase the income eligibility to 300%. Please click the button below and take 30 seconds to email Indiana Senators. Sample language is already prepopulated, so the process really does take less than a minute. If we all take a moment, it could have a lifetime of impact upon Cathedral and her students.

Contact Your State Senator


Thank you for your support!

"With eyes of faith consider the greatness of your mission and the wonderful amount of good which you can accomplish." - Blessed Basil Moreau - Founder, Congregation of Holy Cross